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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Organic Baby Momma

So I found this website called Baby Bear Shop. They sell only a few products but I really want them. I found it because the lip gloss was mentioned in the Style Section of Heather Armstrongs website. They have scent called Lavender Vanilla. Doesn't that just sound great?! They also have some cute little dolls that I wont be needing for my little boy, but they are so sweet. I tried to get a pic from the site, but it cant happen. Just take a peek. Its so cute!

So you might have noticed I am interested in organic products. Because they are made with ingredients found in nature. Products I believe are safer for use on a babies skin and even on my own. The list of preservatives and chemicals that we are around daily is pretty long. I know that cant be great for a developing baby. Without going crazy about it I truly do want to use organic or natural things on my baby. Including the lotions and washes I use all the way to the diapers I put on his butt and as many things in between as I can. I do not want to use a disposable diaper (unless its biodegradable). I know that I can have all kinds of ideas about how this is going to work, but I am sure after the baby is here I will be a different person along with being a mom. I have read so many accounts of mothers who say that the moment you give birth and hold your baby for the first time your life changes. You go a few weeks without sleep and get a little crazy... but you come out eventually and know how happy that little baby makes you, even if its not anything like what you thought I believe its going to be much much better.

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