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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I miss my friends

OK soooo I have realized that this is the time in my life that everyone gets married and has babies. Why is it so weird still? I don't know. Even though I have been married 2 years in May and I totally love babies and know I want to have one too its so strange to me that other people get married and want to have kids to. I of course love them and want to play with them. I guess its even weirder that people are doing this while I am so far away from them. I think thats the hardest part of being away from my family and friends. I know that life goes on without me.. aging is one thing.. creating life and making a family is another! I have missed out on friends wedding and now another friend is pregnant and I will miss her shower and belly growing. Not that I have it all bad.. I am just saying - I miss things being so far away.. I just hope people miss me too.

Just to clarify.. you don't have to be making babies or getting married for me to miss you. I miss you even if you aren't doing all that....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Soo I guess I neglected this page for a while before my last post... So having my own room turned out to be nice. Now I am back to sharing a room. I am sharing with Rayden. Its been good so far too. Last week we went to the Demilitarized Zone. It was a very educational trip. I thought I posted stuff about it, but I guess I was wrong. It is the most heavily guarded border in the world!!!! I have many many pics. Please view them on my facebook page. If you dont have that.. just let me know and I will send you a link if you want to see them. Highly educational. look it up on Wikipedia too! OK .. maybe I will figure out how to post pics on here and videos.

Tony went to Istanbul with his friend Seann and another guy who I think is named Mike... maybe. Well they had lots of fun. He had a cat that took a liking to him in this hookah bar they went to two nights in a row the cat sat by only him. :) How sweet right? He is wonderful and I get to see him next sunday!!! WAHOO!! IN TOKYO!!!!!! Yay for leave days.

Korea is almost over

So time has FLOWN by here. Its amazing how fast this 5 weeks has gone. I have one more week left here then I got to Tokyo! Things have been fun so far. Sometimes little things got on my nerves. Only it could have been much worse, so I am thankful for my experience. :) Tony and I decided we don't like being apart this long. So if we can help it this will not be happening again. This has been so great. I have become very comfortable and confident doing hair and make up on just about any person of any age and skin/hair type. I love it when people beam with happiness at how I made them look. That's the best. :) Its also nice when they tip me. Not nice when they talk about tipping me and telling me how great I am doing and then don't leave a tip.

That only happened the one time.. so its ok. She was an 18 year old blond natural brunette who had been out all night partying with her husband. Her hair was falling out because she had left the color on too long. I was getting hand fulls. She told me how she used to model and do "print work" and I am the only person who has ever curled her hair that didn't burn her. She also told me she destroyed her husbands $1000 CD collection by throwing it out the window into the street.. then in a strange conincidence a man ran over it. Who would have thought that would happen. .. I am leaving out the identities to protect those who cannot defend themselves. Its amazing the things people tell you when you are doing their hair. She was a very sweet nice girl.

Last night Rayden and I went out to a Hookah bar with Peter. It was fun, then we came back to the room and watched Air Force One. Couldnt believe I had never seen that movie! LOVED IT. OK well Back to sitting here waiting for customers. .. Not many tonight. We had our overload this afternoon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is a supplement to the previous post.. I have been sharing a room up till last night. We will be here for 2 weeks and i have my own room.. sooo I notice that even though its nice to have a room alone.. I am more bored alone here then I am at my house. The other 3 are tired and didnt want to do anything tonight or last night. Soooo I was alone walking around the base shopping centers to entertain myself. Even though I have 14 more channels here then at home.. its not the same. Its better to be out with the people.. hahaha.. ok I need to go to sleep now. This is just getting out of hand.. read this post fast before I realize how I sound and delete it.

Life in hotels so far

So I have been having a wonderful time. Its gone by SOOO FAST! Tony gets back to Germany from Bulgaria tomorrow and I am not there to greet him. :( So sad.. as you know I am in South Korea. I am about to start on my 3rd shoot tomorrow. Its almost 11:30 pm here but lucky for me I still don't have to leave for about 12 hours. Plenty of time yet for sleeping. We have shot a total of 10 days. We will shoot another 5 here that will make 15 days total and over half way done. I feel like I just got here but it has been 2 weeks now. The hotel we are at is "switching internet providers" since Oct 1. .. not sure why that takes so long. So I have to go in the lobby or outside this little coffee shop to access the internet. Sooo I am laying on the floor in the hallway.. At least I am no longer on skype. That is more embarrassing talking to your computer when everyone around you can hear you. At least its common here. There are about 10 other people who cant go one night without logging on somewhere. Well.. back to my travels so far. Well I am totally good with my roomate. I found out that even though I wasnt talking the entire time it is nice to have company. I told Tony that I have never been more bored today then the entire time I have spent married to Tony without a job. So I have proved that in my life having no job = no boredom.. having a job = bordom. Ok.. there are only a few people who will understand where that comes from.... If its not you.. just ignore me and go back to thinking housewives do nothing and are bored all the time.. I have no idea where this little rant has come from. honest.. Ok back on track again. I am beginging to see how easy it is to just write what you feel on these things.. no censorship...

OK well.... i like traveling. The bus trips have been nice.. I will take a fast train to the last location. It should be nice too. The bus drivers are crazy here.. i got motion sick again on my last trip. I had a flash back to being in the mountains in Cyprus.. alternating taking deep breaths and holding my breath so I would not get sick everywhere.. I think I am doing a pretty good job here. I like almost every hair and make up job I have done. The only thing I lack is the correct foundation for people. I did not provide the make up though. So there is only so much I can do about that. Unless i want to buy it.. and it has not been that big of a deal. I make it work. I am much more confident now then when I started doing this. I have done over 60 people with the company since Germany. So I feel good. Its the worst when you get someone who decided not to wash their hair.. or brush it.. in a week. I still make them look good. ok that's enough.. i am sure I am going to look at this later and wonder what the heck I was thinking..

I love the whole world.


PS I don't know who to vote for.. and i want to know really bad. Ignorance was bliss. Stupid politics. I am sure that sounds stupid.. but its how I feel. I KNOW I am not the only one.. I wish the press would stop kissing *B.O.s butt. (how the news referred to Obama today)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Seoul, South Korea!

I am in South Korea! The city is right outside my window up and going.. just like me. I am so wide awake and its 10:30. That is not abnormal for my bed time to be much later, but today I traveled for almost 13 hours and have been up since yesterday morning.. thats 28 hours straight.. with a teeny tiny nap on the plane. Seriously less then 1 hour of solid sleep. Maybe another hour of suckey wake-up-every-few-minutes-sleep around that one hour. We are not staying on the base this time.. we are a few blocks from the gate. I am ready to start this business. So excited. The stores here have the coolest things!!! Its all new and fun to me. I feel like the luckiest person alive. :) Lets hope I get to sleep here soon...ALSOOOOO Tony bought his tickest to come visit in Tokyo! We are so lucky!!! This worked out perfect. I will have the week off when he is there and we will get to spend it all together. Couldnt be better.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Blog

Well.. I have wanted to start a blog for a while. I thought about it soon after Getting married and moving to Germany. However, after almost a year and a half of living here - I didn't - so why now you ask? I am leaving October, 8th from Germany to go to South Korea and Japan. I will be working with a glamor photography company out of Houston until December, 22nd 2008 I get into FRAport at 5:05 pm. I am counting down the days already.. but not wishing any of it away. I will be doing hair and make up.. yes that's right -hair and make-up. I am an independent contractor and everything. We will be working only on Military bases. I will have an immediate connection with most of the wives we do; I too am a military spouse. I will be away from my Tony for a total of 4 and a half months by the time I come home. Lucky for us the break should be a month shorter because he should get the chance to visit the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I don't really know how much I will be online during my time there.. but I hope to keep track of the days I am gone and keep it up after I get back.