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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Update

22 Weeks

22 weeks 1 day

Things have been going very well for Roman and me. I feel great still sleeping most of the night not in too much pain anywhere. Notice I have a slight lower back pain that will get worse I am sure. I am feeling him kick a bunch. I love it. Its so great. I like knowing he is there still. My stomach is getting bigger, as Tony likes to point out with a smile. This week is my 23rd week. (Next week -week 24 is my 26th Birthday. YAY I LOVE birthdays)

I learned from my baby emails that he should be able to be startled by outside noises. Like for instance if I were to clap my hands in front of my stomach it should make him jump. Its the same reaction that babies have to loud noises. I tested it out but didn't feel anything. He also had the ability to have the hiccups now too! I think I have felt those. I thought they were repetitive kicks.

The kicks are the weirdest yet coolest part of being pregnant (besides having a baby growing)! I liked the beginning moves I felt where he would turn over, but this is better. He is getting stronger daily but the kicks don't hurt. They are just a slight tap from the inside. I assume they will get harder as he grows and I am sure I wont like it too much when he lodges his foot in my ribs, or keeps me up all night, but for now I like it! I feel him kick most when I am leaning over while sitting on the couch. He seems to be saying I need more room! MOVE! I have some pics to post I just have to get them off my camera.


Rebecca said...

Ohh I love seeing how happy you are being pregnant. I loved it! I always feel sorry for women that hate it and have a rough time. *sigh*

The kicking is amazing and just wait, you'll totally miss it when he's born!

Can't wait to see pics, I know you look beautiful. : )

Allison said...

yay!!! post a belly pic soon... i am sure you look so cute!

raschel said...

i love baby kicks. it's really fun when you can tell their bum is sticking out to the side and you can cup it and pat it, although things are a bit crammed at that's the little things that make you smile. i love babies. post a pic! :)