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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I played Bunco

Last night I went to a Bunco Party. It was my first one.. I feel way too grown up now. I don't think that being pregnant made me feel as grown up as going to a Bunco Party did. IT was fun!

This morning I was up at 5 am and awake like I had slept for days. Today I have planned to go to the pool. I am looking forward to feeling weightless. Hope its as good as its supposed to be.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Videos from Belgium

Carol's Daughter

I found this new product at the KMC Mall that I never knew about. Its called Carol's Daughter. They have a lovely website too here. She started working out of her home 15 years ago making natural and organic beauty products. Her mom encouraged her to sell at a local flea market. Then she had a mail order sometime after that then lead to the opening of her own store and now she is sold in stores such as Macy's and Sephora. Thought I would just let people know about it. They have tons of products for body and hair too! I love my Shea Souffle. :) Check them out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tony turned 27!

So the trip happened to fall on a holiday weekend that was right before Tony's Birthday so we did celebrate his bday all weekend. BUT we also went to Macaroni Grill at the KMC Mall on the actual day. I also made him a cookie cake that we were too full to eat when we came back, so he got some the next day. It was pretty good if I do say so.
We had a great meal and Tony got sung to and this nice chocolate cake.. I am sure he wished they sent out the cheese cake instead. Maybe we could have finished that. :)

Silly Tony before we cut the cake

I think he had a good day. LOVE YOU BABE! Last birthday before he becomes a dad!


We spent the morning in Brugges going to a chocolate museum and climbing the stairs in the Bell tower then drove to Brussels a short distance away. First we went to Mini Europe then to the atom and on to our hotel to rest then out to eat!

The Atom that we went inside.

Head of the EU building.. we found the real one of this the next day!

 The square in Brussels that we would see later!

View of the park from inside the Atom
View of our tickets and out the window in the escalator 

Our names are on the TV!

 Our pretty Hotel room!
 Much prettier then the one in Brugges

This is the square we saw in mini! They were having a beer fest that we just missed buying coupons for!

Look at all the different kinds of beer.
A list of the beers that were sold

Right before we got here some woman had just flashed everyone.. glad we missed that!

Tony got a beer here right across from the Manneken Pis with the same name for the bar

Yumm my pizza was great! We decided to have a fast cheaper meal here. It was good minus the drunk homeless man who kept going by us. I don't think I have ever been scared of a drunk homeless person like this man. Even the other guys he was trying to hang out with didn't want him near them. I think he threw someones beer at them too.

Lucky we had eaten already because these restaurants all looked great! This street reminded me of Paris. I think Brugges was very German looking, but Brussels seems to think they are Parisian. They even speak French.

The next day we walked around some and then drove to Waterloo.

This lion was scared..

 Bad Lion!
Doesn't this just make you smile?

 Walking around. Miles of walking

The US embassy. They were closed since it was a  holiday... so we didn't get to go in. The one time we decided to go to the embassy we cant go in. 

Its Waterloo!

Look at all those stairs..

The Battle Site

The giant panorama painting with sound to make it real..

Its a SUNSET, look the sun is going down!!!! We don't see these often..

Been a while....

So I haven't been that great at posting lately.

What have we been up to? Well Tony celebrated his 27th Birthday on Sept 8th and that weekend before we went to Belgium.  We stayed in Brugges and Brussels. We visted Ghent that is in between the two and Oostende on the coast. We visited the ATOM that was built for the word fair when Brussels held the event. We also went to Mini Europe. Its a park that has many of the major buildings and sites from around Europe.

Us in Ghent on the way to Brugges and Oostende

Oostend - It was WINDY and that is as close as we got to the ocean

In front of a canal in Brugges

 Cute little Ducks


Bell Tower
The arrow shows how many steps we climbed to the top of the tower above

Tony looking up in fear as I take a pic       
and walk down the narrow staircase.            

  Tony celebrating his Birthday with a Belgium Beer in Belgium!

We didn't make it to the market they have.. but this is a shot of some fruits at a small store.

These are the tickets to the brewery tour we went on.

At the end they got us this "free" beer. Tony got to drink both...

There is a photo of French macaroons! I LOVE THEM! I bought an entire box just because they didn't sell them one by one.

The table setting was our Fancy Indian Meal. It was very good.
This was our FIRST and Best waffle. It had freshly cut strawberries on it.

Night shot of the tower

A bar that was a hostel and they had "American pool tables" and very crazy silly posters..
I am going to post some more of our trip to Brussels!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thanks so much/Opps..

Just wanted to thank everyone who made posts on yesterdays fear list. A few of you emailed me your comments too and I appreciate that as well. It was surprising that from so many different moms you all seem very very insistent that there is no right way. From a mom of a college age young man to a mom of under a year old baby. I think that's great. I am glad to have people like you all to talk to. Its even better that some are family!

Last night I was making fajitas. I grabbed what I thought was Cumin to sprinkle a TON on the chicken and veggies in the pan.. then I smelled cinnamon. I had grabbed the wrong jar! When I realized it I yelled and Tony asked what was wrong.. I said nothing. Then later he came in to the kitchen and said that it smelled like cinnamon. I had to tell him what I did, but it didn't taste bad at all! I have actually added cinnamon on purpose another time but less half the amount I did last night! Try it, its not just me being pregnant, it really did taste good! SO good Tony ate left overs!!!!!!!!!!! Now its all gone and none left for me. Non to go bad either. So that's a good thing.

I think I want to make cookies. The best cookies EVER! They are chewy chocolate chip.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

14 Fears

Two months from today is my due date. Oh my Gosh. Ok so I have read a few of my friends blogs who have babies and a few blogs of people who I dont know.. and I have learned some things about birth and the first few weeks that NO ONE TALKS about. I wanted to see if any of you out there had more things to say about this. So in no order whatsoever.. here is my list.

1. The possibility of peeing when you start to push. Ok Heard about the poo.. but never even thought about peeing!~?

2. Mucus Plug. I have a friend who had no idea this was even coming and it was a shock when it did before her birth.

3. Uterus contractions. I just learned about this recently and maybe everyone knew about it before but me. And I guess it happens faster when you breastfeed. Does that mean it hurts more?!

4. A month of bleeding. I had no idea that you would be bleeding heavy for the first week or so like a period then that would be followed by annoying spotting daily.

5. Having to "dress" your wound every single time you go to the restroom. With the pad and sprays and tucks pads or whatever it is you have to do.

6. You cant drive for 6 weeks?! What the crap.. is this only for that one person? Someone tell me its not true.

7. Did you moms really feel very alone at first? Even if you had family/friends and Dad around?

8. Breastfeeding is not easy. I didn't know how hard it could be to breastfeed. I didn't know you are supposed to take classes BEFORE you even have the baby!? Or that your nipples will hurt so bad you will cry and not want to feed.

9. How hard is it really to take that first #2? Did you all drink lots of prune juice? I heard that pouring water on yourself at the same time you first pee also helps that to not sting so bad.

10. Did anyone have their partner pass out? I am only slightly worried about this since I don't want him to go past my waist - for many reasons, not just that I don't want him to pass out.

11. Postpartum is normal right? How can it not be? I think there are varying levels but how can you not feel a little crazy? Your life just CHANGE FOREVER and now you have to take care of and nurture another living human.

12. Babies poo is black the first time. They should pass it in the first few days, BUT it can take up to a week for some? I am very not normal when it comes to poo so that doesn't really shock me that much.

13. Do people really give you all the advice in the world? I heard that people would want to touch my belly all the time but I hardly have. I actually don't mind it at all. I think its a miracle that I can carry a baby inside me and I feel very lucky that I have made it this far with no complications. I am not sure how I will feel about everyone touching the baby. I can see why any new mom would not be ok with that.

14. Fear of C-sections. Of the emergency kind. I know way too many people who have had C-sections. Is that normal? Please list how many people you know who had one (emergency or not). I want my baby out the best way possible, and if that's a c-section fine. I am scared by the recovery time maybe the most and the fact you have to do it again unless you wait long enough for the scar to heal.. I don't know what that time is.

SIDE NOTE.. what do I really need in the delivery room? Music, snacks, socks, my favorite pillow? What do you really think I need.