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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breast Pumps?

I want to know more! I have heard Dr Browns is one of the best.. but I want to know from moms who breast fed and pumped. PLEASE talk to people you know who have and let me know!

This is the Dr Brown's Pump. I think its being updated so this one
might be out of date. Its still Dr. Brown's. Now go find a mom who
breast fed and get back to me!!! PLEASE!!!


Rebecca @sometimesnonsense said...

Call me girl and I'll tell you what I used...if I can remember since it was the one they gave me at the hospital!

Mom and Baby Shop said...

Dr. Brown's is better known for beast milk collection and storage like bottles and nipples.

I would recommend looking at pumps made by Ameda (the only pump that is FDA approved because it is a closed loop system), Avent and Medela.

Depending on how frequently you plan to pump the range of pumps is wide:
- Manual: for infrequent use
- Single user single personal pump: for daily use
- Single user double personal pump: for daily use
- Hospital grade multi-user double personal pump: for daily use

I will be glad to provide you more information on each type and model if you are interested.

Crystal Corona said...

Thanks for the comments! Becky I am going to call you soon!

Jessica said...

I used the Medela pump. I was only able to breast feed for 1 week due to a horrible infection, so i had to strictly pump for 2 months.I really like the Medela, it worked well and was easy to clean and sterilize. I will go look at the exact model that I have and let you know.