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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Organic Baby Momma

So I found this website called Baby Bear Shop. They sell only a few products but I really want them. I found it because the lip gloss was mentioned in the Style Section of Heather Armstrongs website. They have scent called Lavender Vanilla. Doesn't that just sound great?! They also have some cute little dolls that I wont be needing for my little boy, but they are so sweet. I tried to get a pic from the site, but it cant happen. Just take a peek. Its so cute!

So you might have noticed I am interested in organic products. Because they are made with ingredients found in nature. Products I believe are safer for use on a babies skin and even on my own. The list of preservatives and chemicals that we are around daily is pretty long. I know that cant be great for a developing baby. Without going crazy about it I truly do want to use organic or natural things on my baby. Including the lotions and washes I use all the way to the diapers I put on his butt and as many things in between as I can. I do not want to use a disposable diaper (unless its biodegradable). I know that I can have all kinds of ideas about how this is going to work, but I am sure after the baby is here I will be a different person along with being a mom. I have read so many accounts of mothers who say that the moment you give birth and hold your baby for the first time your life changes. You go a few weeks without sleep and get a little crazy... but you come out eventually and know how happy that little baby makes you, even if its not anything like what you thought I believe its going to be much much better.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tree Free Plantable Cards!

The above is a baby announcements from a company called Green Field Paper Company. Right above is another card they sell that is a more anytime card. They also have the same print in red with Thank You written across the front. There are many different cards and they also sell blank ones as well as sheets of paper. If you need any invitations or announcements soon check them out! They are a little more costly, but keep in mind the process that goes into making them. Plus they are just pretty, and you can get flowers!

They are out of California, and I want to move there and work for them. These cards are plantable too! They have seeds (wildflower) in the card and is made from recycled paper. Along with being eco friendly with the items they sell, they also buy wind credits to offset their energy usage in their shop and offices.

They also sell Paper made with 100% Junk Mail, Garlic Skins, Roasted Coffee Chaff or Hemp Threads. AND they offer a bunch of different colors, and use soy ink to print. They make wedding invites and also have done and do promotional things for very big companies.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Green isn't just my favorite color

I have a lovely dishtowel with this on it. :) From my sister-in-law Missy. So in my search today to find "green" toys for my baby I found this store in DALLAS that is called Green Living. They have a website here. Here is another "Green Living" site. They have many many lists and tips.

They have a list of easy ways to go green. I am going to post some of my favs from their list. Just to show how easy it can be to go green and SAVE money. Seven ways to save the earth in July!

1. Lighting: These Compact florescent bulbs are a little more expensive at first, but realize how much longer they last and how much less energy they use. Which means over the next few years you wont have to replace them and when that special someone forgets to shut off the lights it is wasting less energy. "Compact fluorescent bulbs save money and last years, in addition to reducing the release of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide, which causes global warming, and sulfur dioxide, known to cause acid rain." Even if you don't believe in Global Warming its not hurting anything.

2. Reusable Shopping Bags: This is so easy. They cost so little at the store and if you invest in 7 or 8 (you can get them I think in most stores now, grocery and other) you can use a few and leave the rest in your car. I have all sizes and shapes and strengths. I just throw them all in one bag in the car and grab a few depending on how many I think I will need. I have a small one that folds down I carry with me when I am out in my purse and my purse also doubles as a shopping bag. I refuse bags at stores and even restaurants and just use my own or carry out what I got. Its so easy and its a nice to know I can make a difference. Just think of how many plastic bags you are given in a months time or even a week or day! So even if you recycle those bags you get you can still minimize the amount that you need to recycle by using your own bag.

3. Cloth napkins: Do you really need to use that paper napkin? No. you don't. Even if you dont have a cloth napkin around or want to buy them, use a kitchen towel or washcloth instead. I admit there are times when a paper towel/napkin is nice but when you can use cloth!

4. Natural Cleaners: Cleaners and products. Some might be more expensive, but some are also concentrated so you need less. Laundry detergent, soaps, and cleaning agents are so easy to find in the stores now. Even the things you use on your body can be found in a more natural form with less chemicals. Not just chemicals that we end up touching, the ones that go down the drain and harm other things. Antibacterial soaps are not necessary to the extent that people are using them. Our bodies are not going to be able to fight off the smallest infection if people keep living in a sterial environment. (Same with antibiotics - use them all only when needed) Ok.. enough of that.

5,6,7. Water Usage: There are a few directions this can go first you can use a reusable water container and fill it with filtered water from your very own tap. That's right! You don't have to buy hundreds of bottles of water every year! You can make your own. Just think about how many you buy then figure how much it would cost you to buy one or two reusable bottles and a filter. I think you have already paid for a few.
The other thing you can do is to shut off the water when you are not using it. Like when you are washing your face or brushing your teeth just shut if off in between.
Another thing when you do laundry take care not to over or under load your washer. Know how much water you need for the load you are doing so you don't waist the water or your time.

ABC 123

This post is about wooden blocks. Why are they so hard to find. Shouldn't they be sold in stores?! I think every child should have wooden blocks to play with. I found some online and they are so pretty. These are made in the USA by a company called Uncle Goose. This is the link for the site I found them on they have tons of other baby things.

They make tons of different blocks in 14 different languages. FOURTEEN, including basic Chinese characters, Arabic, French and Italian!! They have upper case letters with numbers and the written out number below it and pictures of animals and the names below.

Aren't they Pretty? They say they are for 2 plus.
I want to get them now. :(

They also have Braille and sign language blocks for visual and hearing impaired children.

Breast Pumps?

I want to know more! I have heard Dr Browns is one of the best.. but I want to know from moms who breast fed and pumped. PLEASE talk to people you know who have and let me know!

This is the Dr Brown's Pump. I think its being updated so this one
might be out of date. Its still Dr. Brown's. Now go find a mom who
breast fed and get back to me!!! PLEASE!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Is there anyone out there who uses/used or knows someone who used/uses cloth diapers. The new cloth diapers of today? Not the ones my mom used with the pins.

I have always thought that redusing, reusing, and recycling waist is the best way for our lives. It might have started out with my packrat tendencies, but it has evolved since I have been living in Germany. The Germans are ahead of the States in their recycling programs. They have much smaller trash cans here and in place of the large trash bin is a large recycling bin. Depending on where you live you might have to separate plastic from paper. They also have a Bio bin where you place biodegradable products like food waste and yard waste. ITS GREAT!

So of course when I got pregnant I started to think about all the diapers the new baby would use in its short little diaper life. Turns out its hundreds. I think an average of 500 diapers per child till they are fully potty trained. GROSS! Eww.. Diapers take more then the life of the child (*hundreds of years) to breakdown. SO they are just sitting there rotting and taking up space in the overfilled landfills. I know recycling seems hard for lots of people but to me its so easy here. You already have the right bins! YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! Glass is another story.. but still. I can't throw it in the trash either.

I have been researching and reading about all the different ones out there. These ones to the left are Kushies brand. They seem to have good reviews. These are an All in One Diaper. Meaning you shouldn't need a cover and a cloth diaper. They have some that are meant to have the cover over top of the coth to prevent wettness from leaking through. This brand also has a cloth diaper that needs a cover too. They also have this VERY cool disposible insert that goes in the diaper and is easily removed when the baby has a dirty diaper. You just pull it up and put it in the toilet and Viola! Mess is gone. They also have washable inserts to soak up more. There are a few other brands out there like these all in ones.

Since they dont have the expandable beads that are found in throw away diapers I am pretty sure they are not going to keep the baby as dry, however its been stated that this also leads to the baby potty training sooner. You have to be on top of changing diapers too and of course it does create some more laundry to do. The cost overtime is less even with the water and detergent cost. So reasons for wanting to use them also come from the cheapo in me too. It is a larger cost upfront but I feel like its better for my baby and the world in the end.

There is another type called GDiapers that has a disposable lining that is more diaper like in its appearance. They have the disposable insert that you place in the diaper before you put it in the child then when you are done you rip it in strips and flush down the toilette. Then you are just left with the shell to wash when it needs it.

Then there are these diapers that don't sit for years and years before they break down. These diapers break down in much less time. I read on a website a woman who even put them in her own backyard! The outer plastic-like layer is made of a compostable/biodegradable corn Bio film. The corn Bio film is composed of cornstarch and biodegradable polyester. The corn used in the diaper is 100% non-genetically modified. The inner tissue is composed of natural tree pulp. It is also Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). Not all Chlorine Free Diapers are biodegradable though, so do your research if you want that. This diaper seems like a good option for people who don't have a washer and dryer in home or like the convenience of the disposable diaper. I have read that many of the cloth diapers don't fit newborns, so I am going to try these out for my infant.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

No bake cookies

No bake cookies
1/2C peanut butter
3 tsp cocoa
2 C sugar
1/2 C butter
1/2 C milk

2 C or 3C of oats
1 tsp vanilla

Stir all ingredients except the oats and vanilla into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook till bubbly. Only a few minutes - keep an eye on it. Take off burner and stir in oats and vanilla. Line pan with wax paper to make drop cookies or line whole pan with foil and make one big pan to cut into bars later. I topped part of mine with dried cranberries and part with chocolate chips and left the last part topless. Let sit overnight then cut.

The recipe I found on my cousin in laws blog had called for 3 cups of oats but I only had 2. This is her blog and she posted on July 10th. I looked at a few other recipes too and decided the world would not end without that last cup. I have a feeling they might end up falling apart easier but we will see. So after being in the fridge for an hour they were still too soft. SO I put them in the freezer to cut some of them and then I left them out on the counter overnight and they were so much better. So in the end I suggest leaving them alone overnight before you cut them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

KMC Mall

This is the Hotel side of the Mall

In case you didnt know (Not many people do) There is this GIANT new mall on Ramstein Airbase that is about 10 minutes from me. I would guess the project has been in works for about a few years. It was supposed to be done and open in 2006. Very important high ranking people have been fired because of the poor management on this project. Here are two articles about the mall.

Today is the opening day of 1 of the 3 parts that will open next month and the following month. This means that the closest BX (Walmart like store on base) to me will be closing in September. It is less then a mile down the street. I wanted to go this morning but I plan on going after lunch. It should be crazy. I think they will give free stuff away. Who doesnt like free stuff? Some people are very pissed off about this Mall.

People get all freaked out with change and I know its hard to deal with. I am not going to spend my life at the mall but its a cool option. Living in Germany things are closed on Sundays so the current BX is very packed on Sundays. People are worried about the mall being even more crazy since it will be combining the traffic from two base exchanges that will be closing. It's set up like a real live mall. There is a food court with 10 places to eat a theater with 4 screens. Even real stores like Victorias Secret, The Body shop, and Nintendo Store (there are about 50 more if you dont like those). Nothing like I am sure most people in the DFW area are used to, but I am excited about it.

There is also a new MWR that is HUGE its a recreation store that has some indoor climbing walls! Its pretty cool. They also have a Romanos Macaroni grill that Tony and I ate at on Sunday for FREE when they were doing training. I had left overs from that trip for 3 more meals. There is also going to be a Johnny Rockets! I cant wait to get a shake. We saw one in Dubai.. but its was over 13 dollars for one.. I sure hope its less then that.

I am sure you might think I am crazy for being excited for "american" things when I live in Germany. I have been off the base to experience Germany, Europe, and some of Asia since I have been here for more then 2 years. There are some people who never do anything off base and it still shocks me. I think its very cool that the military has things like this and brings them from "home" to the military communities abroad. This is the largest concept mall in the military. It even has some new food stores along with the new stores that will be in the mall. There is also a Hotel conected to the mall too and its all right across the street from the Air Terminal where you can take Space Available. Wahoo.. those hours and hours of sitting there could be so different now! I will try to post pics when I get back.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fabric Store

My friend Whaley took me to this fabric store that she found here in our town and it was AMAZING. I am sure not many of you care about a fabric store in Germany. However I didn't know a store like this even existed here! They have so much fabric it's awesome. I bought two kinds of fabric to make two projects. One I bought a jersey knit water color looking fabric that I want to make a skirt out of and two I got a blue cream and green stripe that I will use to cover our rocking chair. I took pics that I will post soon. Then I will post the finished projects.

Baby Update

22 Weeks

22 weeks 1 day

Things have been going very well for Roman and me. I feel great still sleeping most of the night not in too much pain anywhere. Notice I have a slight lower back pain that will get worse I am sure. I am feeling him kick a bunch. I love it. Its so great. I like knowing he is there still. My stomach is getting bigger, as Tony likes to point out with a smile. This week is my 23rd week. (Next week -week 24 is my 26th Birthday. YAY I LOVE birthdays)

I learned from my baby emails that he should be able to be startled by outside noises. Like for instance if I were to clap my hands in front of my stomach it should make him jump. Its the same reaction that babies have to loud noises. I tested it out but didn't feel anything. He also had the ability to have the hiccups now too! I think I have felt those. I thought they were repetitive kicks.

The kicks are the weirdest yet coolest part of being pregnant (besides having a baby growing)! I liked the beginning moves I felt where he would turn over, but this is better. He is getting stronger daily but the kicks don't hurt. They are just a slight tap from the inside. I assume they will get harder as he grows and I am sure I wont like it too much when he lodges his foot in my ribs, or keeps me up all night, but for now I like it! I feel him kick most when I am leaning over while sitting on the couch. He seems to be saying I need more room! MOVE! I have some pics to post I just have to get them off my camera.