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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tree Free Plantable Cards!

The above is a baby announcements from a company called Green Field Paper Company. Right above is another card they sell that is a more anytime card. They also have the same print in red with Thank You written across the front. There are many different cards and they also sell blank ones as well as sheets of paper. If you need any invitations or announcements soon check them out! They are a little more costly, but keep in mind the process that goes into making them. Plus they are just pretty, and you can get flowers!

They are out of California, and I want to move there and work for them. These cards are plantable too! They have seeds (wildflower) in the card and is made from recycled paper. Along with being eco friendly with the items they sell, they also buy wind credits to offset their energy usage in their shop and offices.

They also sell Paper made with 100% Junk Mail, Garlic Skins, Roasted Coffee Chaff or Hemp Threads. AND they offer a bunch of different colors, and use soy ink to print. They make wedding invites and also have done and do promotional things for very big companies.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Too cool! Thanks for sharing!