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Thursday, July 2, 2009

KMC Mall

This is the Hotel side of the Mall

In case you didnt know (Not many people do) There is this GIANT new mall on Ramstein Airbase that is about 10 minutes from me. I would guess the project has been in works for about a few years. It was supposed to be done and open in 2006. Very important high ranking people have been fired because of the poor management on this project. Here are two articles about the mall.

Today is the opening day of 1 of the 3 parts that will open next month and the following month. This means that the closest BX (Walmart like store on base) to me will be closing in September. It is less then a mile down the street. I wanted to go this morning but I plan on going after lunch. It should be crazy. I think they will give free stuff away. Who doesnt like free stuff? Some people are very pissed off about this Mall.

People get all freaked out with change and I know its hard to deal with. I am not going to spend my life at the mall but its a cool option. Living in Germany things are closed on Sundays so the current BX is very packed on Sundays. People are worried about the mall being even more crazy since it will be combining the traffic from two base exchanges that will be closing. It's set up like a real live mall. There is a food court with 10 places to eat a theater with 4 screens. Even real stores like Victorias Secret, The Body shop, and Nintendo Store (there are about 50 more if you dont like those). Nothing like I am sure most people in the DFW area are used to, but I am excited about it.

There is also a new MWR that is HUGE its a recreation store that has some indoor climbing walls! Its pretty cool. They also have a Romanos Macaroni grill that Tony and I ate at on Sunday for FREE when they were doing training. I had left overs from that trip for 3 more meals. There is also going to be a Johnny Rockets! I cant wait to get a shake. We saw one in Dubai.. but its was over 13 dollars for one.. I sure hope its less then that.

I am sure you might think I am crazy for being excited for "american" things when I live in Germany. I have been off the base to experience Germany, Europe, and some of Asia since I have been here for more then 2 years. There are some people who never do anything off base and it still shocks me. I think its very cool that the military has things like this and brings them from "home" to the military communities abroad. This is the largest concept mall in the military. It even has some new food stores along with the new stores that will be in the mall. There is also a Hotel conected to the mall too and its all right across the street from the Air Terminal where you can take Space Available. Wahoo.. those hours and hours of sitting there could be so different now! I will try to post pics when I get back.

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