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Saturday, March 27, 2010

goodbye Germany

The time has come for us to leave Germany. It is bittersweet and very unreal. I have said farewell to new and old friends and it just doesn't feel like I might never get to see them again. My time here has gone so fast. I know I have written this before but I just can hardly believe its been almost 3 years. We have also not been home to Texas since last year too. We will be returning almost a year to the day! With our new family to start a new life. We have been staying in a hotel since Monday, when our movers took all the rest of our things and packed them up in those crates. So much has happened since I met Tony almost 5 years ago. July 20, 2005 we met and I knew he was special. I am so very thankful for my life. I have been able to travel more places in such a short time then most people can even hope to see in their life. This only makes me lucky to have had the experiences. I feel like its my duty to document everything in a photo. I love taking pictures. I always have. I was always annoying people to get them to smile for the camera. I have rolls and rolls of film prints to prove it. What ever would I have done without digital! Much cheaper for my hobby. We leave on Tuesday morning and I am almost positive I will shed a few tears. I remember the day we flew over here June 3, 2007 and arrived on the 4th. That day was crazy. Tony had booked my tickets under Corona to be sweet, although my passport still said Montross (*Until just this year). So we had some troubles at the ticket desk and he made it seem like I could not fly. I am pretty sure this is a huge deal, but he changed my name on the ticket. Then my carry on bag was too big and I had to rearrange it while trying to hold in the tears. It was such an emotional day!!! I hope our bags aren't too big this time! Tony thought we had 70 pounds and it turns out its 50. We have many more bags this time, plus a car seat and stroller. We still have to make sure they will all fit in our rental car.

I have a few pictures from our last days here

We needed to simplify... still do

Roman on the floor on moving day
Watching Tony

Last walk in our town

meeting and saying goodbye to Roisin and Pat

Camden and Roman Playdate

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paris Trip!

We went to Paris this past weekend with my brother Josh. He came to town for 10 days and this was the end of his trip. We got engaged in Paris and knew we wanted to take Roman. With our days ending it was perfect to go this weekend with Josh. We got up and around on Saturday morning and left before noon. Roman slept so long in the car! I had to wake him to get him to eat and that never happens. Makes me wonder if I need to try to get him to go back to sleep after his short naps. Got there by 5 and out on the streets soon after. It was COLD! BUT no snow so that made us happy. Roman was so good in his stroller all bundled up too. So we walked around and we went to Notre Dame. We took some pictures in front and showed Josh where Tony proposed.

Before he fell asleep - I got some of him all bundled up in his stroller.

He asked me to be his wife while I sat on the bench right
behind the stroller March 18, 2006 almost 4 years ago.
We took our first engaged pic around here in a
similar pose.. with the same scarfs on and Tonys hat too!

Then we went inside to take a look around. We also went to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore too. I got a kids book called "We Are All Born Free: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures" The pictures are all from different artists.

Then we went to eat and I of course fed Roman and we also had to change him twice! Our meal was great and we were all ready to walk around some more! It was around Romans bed time too and he soon fell asleep in his stroller. We walked from there to the Louvre then on to the Champs Elysee, then we headed back to the hotel and it was almost midnight by the time we got back.


We watched some CNN and headed to bed.

DAY Deux
Roman wanted to get up a little sooner then the rest of us, Oh well sleep is not for those who want to see Paris, right? So we got up and around for our big DAY in Paris. We had found out the night before that the Louvre was free the first Sunday of the month and to our luck that was this Sunday! Yippie! We got in right before 11 am, NO LINE, AND it was FREEE. Super lucky we are. Also since we had the stroller Roman and I got to ride a very cool elevator down to the Main level where the entrances are. We spent a few hours in the Louvre and saw every wing but not every floor. We saw all the main stuff and the Mona Lisa of course. She has moved since Tony and I last saw her (Separate trips in college - sooo..a few years ago). The new spot is much better for her and her many admirers. Its pretty crazy that she draws such a crowd. After about 4 hours walking we decided to move on to the next landmark. We had gotten a day pass on the metro so we headed to Le Sacre Coure aka the big white church on the hill. We took many pics from here and went inside too. It was beautiful but I was not allowed to take pics, google images, and there are some. Then we went to the Eiffel Tower. It was so pretty. Roman was amazing all day long, till we got there then he was very upset about something. I sat and fed him (in the cold) right by the Eiffel Tower and Josh and Tony walked around. He calmed down eventually and was happy as a clam. It has been a long day so we headed back to the room around that time. I think it was around 10. The stroller was awesome and only once did we have to break k it down to get through the gates after the metro. I am not sure why some of them have the extra door but some don't! I realized having a stroller and not a friend to help you carry it would NOT work in Paris if you wanted to take the metro. A nice stranger would work. We were not the only ones who carried strollers up and down the stairs for the metro.. believe me.

There she is.. behind all those people The Mona Lisa.

Roman enjoyed listening to Tony out front of the chuch

We had dinner right across the street from the Moulin Rouge. It was a very American style place called Buffalo Grill. Josh was disappointed in the choice, I had ostrich and I think tony had a buffalo burger. He wanted to see a show, and checked out the prices, nothing under 100 euros!

Three different views of La Tour Eiffel

Last Day
We got up and walked around tried to go to the catacombs but it was Monday and they were closed. We then went to this VERY cool area that is a giant flea market. Its the largest in the world with over 200,000 visitors every weekend! The link is to a site I found that talks about it. That is about all I have to say about that! Then we had pizza. We learned you can have pizza without cheese and its still good. Then we headed home. It was the end to a wonderful weekend and most likely the last trip we will be taking during our time here in Germany.

Sometimes (most times) I love Graffiti

Pizza - NO CHEESE! Still awesome.
Cheese does not make the pizza we decided. I didn't think that was possible
What a great way to end our time here. Paris was the first trip we took together when we got engaged in March then we went 2 years ago in March and now again in March and now its our last before we move. Maybe someday I will go again in the summer.. warm weather makes every city better. Ahh Paris. Yet another reason for me to keep the "Paris room" in our next home. Maybe I will blow up some of these pics I took! You will have to come see.

Friday, March 5, 2010

4 Months old

Roman had his 4 month check up on the 4th. He is in the -
97 percentile in height at 26 *plus inches &
93rd in weight at 7.6 kg/16.76 lbs.

Roman on the day he turned 4 months old - March 3, 2010

In his "Toy" or "The Entertainer"
My cute little baby boy- He loves you -in sign language..

He went from here -
to here...
to here.

When I was taking pics he just kept turning and
moving around and ended up turned all around.
He has been crawling little bits too. No joke.

Still not sure what this means and why they tell me or why I am telling you. Because if he was a super small baby or an average baby, or a giant baby (as he is) what would I change? Maybe now at 4 months if he was small I might start to give him cereals, but I am still planning on nursing him past 6 months and since I was told today that he has eczema too. She got us some moisturizer to use 3 times a day and I am supposed to have a check up in three weeks. Right before we move. I don't think he was hurting at all from it and I can hardly tell where she said it was dry so I am surprised that she wants me to use it 3 times a day. On his forehead you can see but his legs you can't. Well Thats about it for me today.

*Because I drove and dropped off Tony and Roman to find a parking spot. I do not know the exact weight because Tony did not remember and they already did it when I walked in. I did not think to ask. My bad. So I know its over 26.