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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I like to cook and more then cook I like to create things that are pretty simple and taste good. Last night I made some pizza from pizza dough in a bag. From the last time I used it I remembered there was more dough then I wanted to make it as thin as I like. On the bag was a recipe for Parmesan Bread sticks so I decided to use half to make the pizza and half the bread sticks.

For Pizza Heat oven to 475F/240C
Need half of pizza dough recipe
Rolling pin
Flour to make rolling out easier
Olive Oil
Crushed Tomatoes from can or pizza sauce
Toppings - Jalapenos, Green Onions, Basil, Ham (for mine)
Cheese - about 2 cups of Mozzarella and 1/4 cup Parmesan

So I halved the dry ingredients and the water I added to it to make the pizza dough. I then used a rolling pin on a floured board to make it as thin as I could. I use aluminum pans because I my oven is so small I don't have a "real" one to fit. (Next time I am going to use a homemade recipe I found online.) So after I had it as thin as I wanted it I transferred it to the pan and I topped with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil then crushed tomatoes instead of pizza sauce I didn't use very much about a half cup to a cup of sauce. I used some green onions, jalapenos (from the jar not fresh), ham lunch meat, fresh basil, and some mozzarella and a little bit of Parmesan cheese. Bake in the oven ( 240 C/475 F) for 15 to 20 minutes till the cheese and crust is brown.

Bread sticks same oven temp
Half bread stick recipe from back of pizza dough recipe
Recipe includes Water, Sugar, Italian Seasoning, Parmesan cheese

The Bread was pretty simple too Following the directions on the package I used half the water 1/6 cup of water 1 tbs butter/margarine 1 tbs sugar, I used around 1 tsp of Italian Seasoning, but I added more Parmesan cheese then it called for and mixed and formed into a block and cut 4 instead of 8 bread sticks. Let rise for 10 minutes and top with melted butter and more cheese. It baked while the pizza was cooling for around 10 minutes. I am sure if your oven was bigger you could do it all together just be sure to watch it.

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