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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday TONY!!

Today is my wonderful husbands Birthday. He is away in California at an interview today. He will be back soon. :) We wish him lots of luck and hope he has a wonderful day!

Thank you for being so great Tony. I have spent just about everyday with you the past 6 months and I honestly can say that I never get sick of you. There are times when I am annoyed with you of course, but I never want to be away from you for long. You make me laugh even when I want to be mad at you. I love that I laugh at all your jokes, and not just to make you feel better, its because I really think you are funny. You are so seriously silly. I love watching you with Roman. You are the best father that I can imagine. You love to play with our baby and I love to watch you. You are better at putting him to sleep then I am and you do certain things different then I do and I love that. I love that I have you to help me when I cant do it anymore. I am happy you want to be so involved with our baby. I am so excited for the things to come this next year. We will have a one year old and move to a new home in a new location. I look forward to all the trips we will take together. Hope this year is better then last year for you! LOVE YOU!

Now and Forever babe
Your Loving Wife Crystal