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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girls Trip!!!

Is this real life?
Have you all seen that clip of the little boy who just had work done on his mouth and he is still on the drugs asking his dad if this is real life and if this feeling was going to last forever?! You should so watch it. Its hilarious.

Last weekend I went on a girls trip and it was so much fun. I went with my college friends. They all also happened to be in my sorority and I lived with 2 of them for two years (Liz and Katrina) and one lived across the street (Andrea) for one and I had fashion classes with Jessica. We sent to Surfside on the coast about an hour outside of Houston. It was a very small town - A mining town as we started to call it. There were tons of jokes and laughs and staying up late watching lifetime movies and random sales TV for personal items. We went on a giant blow up water slide that is larger then you are picturing, I promise. We rode around in a golf cart on the beach and to the store. We sat in the water and let tiny little clams try to dig a hole in the sand in our hands. It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again next year.

The best part was at the bar when a guy was looking at Andrea and I think Liz said "He is looking at your butt Andrea" and Andrea said something like "I have been sh*ting out of it all night" Then she walked off. We all laughed so hard and I know its gross, but it was soo funny. Even the guy laughed and brought her toilet paper later to be funny. The people were all pretty nice in that tiny little town. We saw Step Up 3D also. It was of course amazing.

I had to pump since I am still nursing and I made time in the morning or at lunch or before we went out for the night. I missed my boys when I was gone, but I know its good to get away. So glad it happened. Thanks to Andrea and David's family for letting us borrow their cute house on the beach.

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