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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tooth #2/update 10 months

Romans second bottom tooth came in. His left one I believe. It is hardly visible but you can feel the sucker! He seems to notice they are in there now. He is eating more and more table foods. He likes toast and real chicken. He does not like the baby food meats. He also does not like things that are too textured in his mouth. He will stick his tongue out till he gets the gross out. He looks like a lizard, or a kitty. :) We are still trying to do baby signs, but I dont think I do them often enough for him to connect them. I guess I need to work on that. We do signs for poopy, please, more, bite, kitty/cat, and dog/puppy (same signs for each). We were doing mom, dad, and baby too but its been a while. He sure doesn't like his naps. He goes down pretty good at night though. He sleeps all night still. Thankfully the teeth haven't disrupted that. He waves, and claps too. I am trying to also teach him that he is "soooooo big" by stretching his arms out. He is the most amazing baby on the go for the most part that is. He loves to eat. He sometimes will get mad at me when his first jar of food is out and I dont have another. Some days he is fine with one jar, but other days he will eat till his tummy is hard and gets very upset if I try to stop the meal. Most of the time two jars of baby food does it though. We are still nursing but we are down from 500 times a day to more like 2 to 4. Sometimes he goes to bed without a snack. I am not sure how ending nursing is going to go. There are times when he just fights and fights to get in the position. Any moms out there have problems with that? When did you stop nursing? I have been thinking I would stop at 1. But I am thinking maybe I wont.. I know what you are thinking! Its so easy to do! If we did go past 1 I think it would just be one time a day as he eases into milk. How much whole milk a day should he be drinking at 1?


Micki said...

I would ask your pediatrician...but at the daycare we had babies as early as 9mo on cows milk for every feeding. I think it depends on your pediatrician recommends AND most importantly what you feel is best for him and what you are comfortable doing.

Micki said...

on *what your pediatrician recommends