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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ONE Day on Earth

Have you all heard about this upcoming film/media movement called One Day on Earth??? OH MY Gosh. I just read about it and watched this super cool video on it too. It is an amazing concept. I have no idea how they are going to edit the video and make it only 120 minutes.

This person has a video up that you can watch and a link to an entry about it here.  *(He also has cool pics of his wife's pregnancy up till she started to have contractions on the 39 week shoot!)

Tony just came in and asked what I was blogging about and I got distracted and have a block in my head. I am going to sleep on this then come back tomorrow with my deep thoughts on the concept. The following is from the site explaining the project.

"Across the planet, documentary filmmakers, students, and inspired citizens will record the human experience over a 24-hour period. By participating in this historic event, you will help capture the diversity of life and culture on this planet. Together we will create a document that is a gift to the world.

One Day on Earth is a documentary and new media project about the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occurs in one 24-hour period on Earth. More than a film, One Day on Earth is a multi-platform participatory media project. The flagship of this project is a 120-minute documentary to be released theatrically. Through the One Day on Earth platform we will establish a community that not only watches, but participates."

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