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Monday, September 27, 2010


Since my eco blog so much has happened. Tony got a job offer in Virginia. He took it and he starts on Wed. He will be driving there tomorrow to get there on Tuesday. He will be working M-F in a training thing till Nov 1. So he wont be able to come back to help us move till after then.

We spent the afternoon at Uncle Joe and Aunt Karen's house saying bye to the rest of the Coronas and my Family. Unfortunately Missy and Chris are on a cruise so they will have to wait till Tony comes back to say bye. I hope they had lots of fun and cant wait to hear stories!

Roman will be 11 months old on the 3rd of October. Everyone else is so good at telling their milestones so I am going to try to remember the things he does.
  • Has only two bottom front teeth. No signs of more.
  • Loves t o feed himself mum mums in banana and veggie and plum organics food pouches which he will suck down in 5 seconds flat.
  • He is so good at crawling I think he has no interest in walking, but he is so good at it! He walks almost unassisted but if we let go he sits. He stands often alone now and seems to not notice then he sits down.
  • He claps, high 5s, waves, gives kisses, points at us when you ask him (where's mama/dada or Elly/Mia) and throws the ball for Elly and giggles at the dogs. He also talks on the phone and loves the remote. He has a fake phone that looks real and he jabbers on it often. He will talk to anything though.. lego, block, ball. He will also hand you things if you hold out your hand.
  • He can drink out of a cup, a water bottle, a sippy cup, and a straw he can even do the camel back ones too. He doesn't drink much besides water. He will drink out of a juice box. He will also spit it out just as good as he drinks it for fun too.
  • He loves to play with Elly even when she is not interested in him, he thinks they are playing.
  • He loves other babies and points and talks to them in stores
  • He is a cuddle bug and loves to hug on me and tony
  • He enjoys flap books and looking under the flaps.
  • He loves to go on walks in the stroller. I think he could stay in it all day long if I could move all day!
  • He can say mama, dada, and we think he says ball and dog... but they sound like Bah and Dah. He uses them correctly so we are almost positive that's what he is saying as of tonight.
  • He is wearing anything from 6 to 18 months. I would say the 12 -18 months is much roomier but not too big.
  • Size 3 and 4 shoes but we don't wear them often he only has 2 pairs that he wears and his dress shoes.
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Still nursing a few times a day mostly mornings and afternoons and not at night.
  • Sleeps all night from 8 pm to almost 7 am most nights. The past few nights it's been a little later to bed, but still early to rise!
  • We are still wrapping him up (swaddling) to get him to sleep. He will go to sleep on his own sometimes. I sometimes worry this is bad and he needs to sleep on his own then we let him cry for a minute (or more) and he is out but its nice to hold him since he is getting big so fast. When he sleeps on his own its so cute because he will stick his butt in the air and tuck his legs under.
Thats about all I can think of for tonight. Tony put Roman to sleep and it will be more then a month before he can do it again. :( Night all!


Micki said...

Your little one is getting so big!! Also, I wanted to tell you we were able to upgrade our regular toilets to the eco-friendly ones. It was a couple of parts Gav found at home depot that cost about $30. Wanted to share that with you! :)

Crystal Corona said...

Thats so cool Micki! Thanks for all your posts! I always forget to go back and see comments! :) Your the best poster :)