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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Roman has a TOOTH and other things

Roman listening to Grandpa Corona

He goes under!

He is okay though..

Roman with and a bunny that I had when I was a baby - so its old.

His first tooth came in last week! Its been a long time coming too! Since he was almost 3 months old and had his hands in his mouth I have been hearing how "he is going to get a tooth any day now" from everyone and their mom. My mom and mil included. I honestly thought he would but at 5 months with no teeth I started to stop thinking and for sure at 7 I had given up and thought he would just never eat with teeth and we would have to get him baby dentures. No, but really its just the cutest thing!

He is growing up so fast and I find it hard to believe the past year has gone by so fast. One year ago we were in Germany and today we are back in Texas! Roman has gone from being in my tummy to crawling around and walking and holding my hands. He giggles and smiles at strangers. He claps when we cheer for him. He drops things on the ground and watches them fall. He gives high 5s to Tony! Today he talked on the phone for the first time for real. Most times I try to catch him making sounds but the past two days he was holding things up to his ear and making baby sounds... things like the remote for the TV and a real phone. He loves his bath. He sleep around 10 to 12 hours a night. Depending on where he is and if he hears others awake before him. The other night he slept from 8 pm to 8:15 am! It was great, because it coincided with when I was sick and had mastitis. So I went to bed at 9:30 and it gave me plenty of sleep. He loves fruits and he is now eating veggies without fruits mixed in. He eats 2 to 3 jars of food at a meal. He is nursing still about 3 times a day. He loves the pool too. It has been so hot out and we dont have easy easy access to a pool so we have not been that many times this summer. He is wonderful when we are out and about. I am starting to try to have a schedule. The only time he seems very calm is in the car seat and I worry about that! Today we went to a thrift store and he played with a gross dirty toy that I know is gross and dirty but he wanted to play with it so bad that I just let him do it. I also have made a pledge to buy only used clothes for Roman and try to get his toys the same way. I started out with a cute T and a little button up sleeper/outfit. I will post my finds too! They were $3.50 total!

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