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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sale on organic baby food

Recently I found out about these awesome baby foods. They come in a bag and they mix the fruits and veggies AND Roman (your baby) can just suck them out of the bag. They are so good I dont even put a bib on him because he doesn't spill. You can also squeeze them onto a spoon or in to the mouth, but he learned fast how to suck on them. There are 2 brands that I found at BabiesRus, Ella's Kitchen see selections on web {here} and Plum Organics {here}.

They are both on sale now at BabiesRus. I have found that the Plum ones (8 for $8) have more in them then the Ella's Kitchen (I think it was 8 for $10). The Ella's kitchen are on sale at Central Market now for $1! So the better deal still is the 8 for $8 (because you get more) BUT They have different selections of fruits and veggies.

We also just tried yogurt too! HE loves it. I got a tub of the whole fat plain and we mix it with a fruit. Today I thought about mixing in his veggies too since I already mix them with his fruits anyways then when we were at Central Market we found this yogurt that mixes fruit and veggies! CRAZY! We got strawberry and Carrots and he LOVED it tonight. Yumm.. doesn't that sound good?! It didnt taste that bad. Yes, I try everything Roman eats - potatoes and spinach are gross in baby food but good in real food, odd.

I have been buying only organic foods for him. He has eaten a few non organic things but I am trying!! Its more expensive but I think its better for him. I think its even more important when I am going to make it for him since I dont test them like the baby food people do. I said I always mix fruits and veggies and for the most part I do BUT today he ate lunch that was ALL veggies and no fruits. :) SO happy. He had sweet Potatoes and cinnamon and summer squash.

The other day he had a "my first baby soup" I don't think it is any different then other baby foods are so I am not sure how they can call it soup but they do. I got a variety pack at babiesRus (2 for $15 - on sale now) and didn't realize it had chicken in it till he ate half of it!!!! I was so freaked out about him eating meat! I just think its weird for babies to eat meat, they are sweet little babies not carnivores. Why would they have a split pea bisque with chicken in it?!

So I am still making him foods, but he tends to like the store stuff. So I have to force him to eat my stuff. I personally think mine is just as good but he disagrees. I might try to mix it into his plain yogurt tomorrow.

pretend I posted a pic of Roman being cute.

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