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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big week!

So far this week has been big for Roman. He slept in his room for the first time last night! Away from us, all night! He went down at 10, woke up to eat at 2:40 down by 3 then awake around 7:45. THEN he had his 2 month appointment and he had to get shots. He did great the whole appointment, then got fussy when the dr left. I had to go to the waiting room to wait for the shots and he was hungry so he cried until we got called and was still crying and fussing, so when he got the shots you could tell he cried a little harder, but I was ready to feed him and he quickly latched on and stopped crying. Then he slept off and on till even now, most of the awake times he has been a little fussy, but I still got some smiles out of him. I have pics to post soon too! Today he is 10 weeks! HE weights 14.2 Lbs and was almost 24 and a 1/2 inches LONG! That put him in the 80 something percentile for both those, I think 81 and 82. His head is smaller then most being in the 30th percentile. I don't remember how big it was. I think he seems perfectly proportionate. :) Time to calm my sad baby. I dont think his tylenol is doing anything! :(


Allison said...

that is awesome! hopefully he will continue to sleep great! i can't believe is already ten weeks!

Amber said...

Yeah -- I think that i slept better once I moved Kaley to her room, then I didnt jump up everytime she made a little noise. Then I messed up and put her in our bed. Well i fixed it now. I hope he keeps up the good sleeping. SOunds like you are doing great, with BF too.