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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oui Oui!

Today Roman took his first trip to another country outside my belly. He went to France! I introduced my two friends to Cora. Its right across the border in Forbach, France. Anyways.. it was amazing. You can buy Belgium Beer there so I got 6 Duvels and some 1664. Its our favorite French Beer. They make many kinds now. I got 3 different ones, and 6 of each. You might think I am crazy, but Germans don't sell other peoples beer. OK they sell Coronas and Heineken and Budweiser - The Czech Beer, not American but those are the only ones I can think of. American Beer tastes like crap to most Europeans and to these Americans now. Yes I said it. We are spoiled Americans who dont even want to drink our beer. However I still look forward to having the option to buy it in a store that isn't a Class 6 when we move back.

How did I get off of France?! OK I also got my favorite macaroons frozen and fresh and two baguettes that Tony and I ate almost one whole one tonight. They are amazing and only 47 cents! Also some frozen crawfish. I wanted frog legs but decided that Tony might go hungry that night if I got them. I will have to ask him if he will eat them.

Roman had the best time being held by one of the three of us and sleeping and eating in the store. I fed him in the store while I walked around. You can be grossed out if you want to, I was covered, and no one saw my boobs. Judge me if you want, but I did it he isn't hurt and I didn't kill anyone. I got the courage to do this because of a friend who blogs. :) You know who you are. Thank you, I was so inspired when you told me, only I need a sling still. I changed his diaper on the counter in the bathroom since they had no changing table I cleaned if off with a wipe then put him on my cover. I have a pictures that I will post. He was the happiest baby until we left France, then he was not so happy till he fell asleep. It was a very successful trip out of the country. I wish he got a stamp.


Amber said...

Sounds like a fun trip!!

Crystal Corona said...

Thanks! :) Cant wait to go back!