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Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 nights!

Roman has slept in his room 3 nights in a row now. Last night we even put him down after 9. Its been 10 to 11, but the night before I fed him at 8 and he was acting sleepy by 9 and he got pretty fussy since we tried to keep him up till 10 so I could feed him again. So Tony took him up stairs after 9:30 and it took about an 45 minutes for him to go to sleep. He never cried the horrible bloody murder cry, but he did fuss a little bit on and off. We just knew he was tired. So he didnt eat right before he went down and he slept till 4 45 that night and last night after going down at 9:15.. HE slept till 6 am.. When I went in and woke him up to feed him. I was so worried that he had gone so long without eating that I picked him up and fed him. He didnt fuss at all and he ate and then when I tried to put him back down, he didnt want to go. SO I fed him a little more to calm him down since he only ate for 10 minutes I thought he must still be hungry. Then he woke up at 7:45. That time he seems to like. Can you believe he slept from 9 to 6! Who knows how long he would have gone without me waking him! Since he turned 10 weeks old on Tuesday he had another photo shoot with me. Last night he played with Tony and he rolled over so many times. I thought he had forgot how since it had been so long. Its was just too funny since he did it so calmly, then he was all smiles. I kept putting him on his tummy and he would roll over faster then I could get the camera.

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