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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recap of December! aka Month 2

Lots of things happened last month for Roman. I have posted a few pictures to recap in a somewhat backward order..

He passed out soon after midnight
He was awake for his first New Years!
He went to a few meals with new friends

He took pictures with his family

He played with Grandma Corona and his New Years pig

He spent time in Grandpa Coronas arms

He turned 8 weeks old and is all smiles!

He celebrated his first Christmas

He got lots and lots of Christmas presents

YAY for Christmas Morning!!!

He met Grandma and Grandpa Corona on Christmas eve morning!

He went to his first change of command

Had lots of Tummy Time

Slept often in my arms

Went to eat with Daddy at work (He served a Christmas meal)

He met friends of mine

Went shopping with us

First holiday photos!

Saw snow for the first time!
He was not very happy about it.

Went to his first Army Navy party!

Got our first family tree

Went shopping with just me - and slept most of the time

Took Tonys favorite picture yet

Turned one month old

Smiled and talked A LOT!


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a busy month. He's so cute!

Crystal Corona said...

oh yes!