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Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby in 65 days.

So according to the internet I am 8 months pregnant this week. Why did I think I was 6 and a half?
Due Nov 1. So I guess it makes sense that next month would be 8 and October the final 9th month.
7 months = 27-30 weeks. 8 months = 31-35 weeks. 9 months = 36-40 weeks. 31 weeks this week! 32 starts Sunday! Ahhh.. We have a stroller and a person who is going to sell us her baby car seat. So excited about that. I just hope I don't have the baby before we get it from her. Its a maxi cosi car seat and she has a second base for it too. Or baby stroller is a German made brand called Hartan. Here is a link to the stroller. Then this is the link to the different colors you can get we got 927 near the middle.

I think I better start buying some diapers. Tony's mom and sister. My sister and mother in law AKA Missy and Chris have sent a few boxes of clothes already. I already bought some stuff to prepare for breast feeding. I have yet to take any classes about how to do it. Its not as natural as most people think, I am SCARED of breast feeding. I still have yet to buy a pump. I don't know if I should get a two pump electric or just a one pump manual. Or when to buy it. I should have a baby in 65 days according to the baby tracker on my page.


Jessica said...

How fun! Congratulations! Baby R will be here before you know it!

I get the HAPPYBABY yogurt melts from Whole Foods. You can get them online as well!

raschel said...

Have some lanolin ointment on hand for breastfeeding--you might even want to take it to the hospital w/ you (although, i'm sure they'll have samples you can use there). I didn't use it until AFTER my nips were already majorly hurt...w/ the next babe, I'm going to start it right away! WOW. Issues. And, a breastfeeding class is a good idea, but it's really hard to get the idea until you've actually got a babe sucking it. They'll also probably have lactation nurses come around the hospital to ask if you have any least they do here in the states. :)

Allison said...

yes, i would start moisturizing now with lanolin! breastfeeding can be really discouraging at first while your nips are getting use to it. so, lanolin will help it in the beginning!

about my blog. i designed my header on it's really easy and fun!

Crystal Corona said...

Thanks girls! So glad I wasn't the first of my friends to have a baby and have to learn all these things on my own. Allison.. I think you were first. How did you do it?! Did you have other friends with babies? I will check out that blog thing. Raschel are you still breast feeding? Do you think I should get a double pump or single? Did you use one? I know your feelings on them Allison.

Micki said...

Crystal that's so exciting. Just don't get dicouraged or convinced that you need to be's perfectly normal for a pregnancy to go up to 42 weeks. They like to scare Mom's into thinking they're baby is "big" when usually sono's are off by 1 to 2 lbs. Good luck with everything!! Did that pain go away?

ebrown05 said...

You will be a great mom! I would recommend checking the manufacture date on the car seat you are getting. My sister works in the insurance field and car seats have an experation date. They should not be used more than 5 years after their manufacture date! I never knew that!
As far as a breastpump. I would go with an electronic one.