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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pregnancy thus far

SO I meant to write more about my pregnancy so I could look back on it. I am going to write some things down here while I remember them.

I didn't have morning sickness till after 13 weeks. It lasted till about 16 weeks and it was only about 2 times a week so I was lucky.

I had nausea from around 5 or 6 weeks till maybe 10 or so? The first two weeks were the worst when Tony was gone in the field and didnt yet know I was pregnant. Talking to him on the phone when all noise made everything worse wasn't great. I dont know how people can pretend to not be pregnant while working their normal job. I had to lay down on the couch and not move or look at anything. Also my gag reflex was very highly sensitive till about a few months ago. It just went away. When I was brushing my teeth I would almost daily gag myself.

Some point in the past 6 months smells also made gag, I am still sensitive to smells but I no longer have the same feeling that I need to run to the bathroom.

I have been able to feel him move since about 15 or 16 weeks. It was a very different movement then what I feel now but I know it was him. The first moves I felt felt like he was flipping over. I always cup one hand over the other fist and turn the fist. That feeling felt on the cupped hand is what I felt. Now it is full on kicking and moving and bouncing off the walls. Today Tony was talking to my stomach. I think it must be very loud to have someone yelling at you from outside and he got kicked in the face! It was funny to us.

I am starting to sleep horribly. I still dont want to blame it on my poor little baby, but I am starting to think its all his fault. Last night was very hot in our room even with the air conditioner on. We actually both happened to be awake at around 1 am (not talking) but I was thinking I wanted to open the window to let some air out and then all of a sudden Tony was doing it. Its like he read my mind. So after I saw that time on the clock I then saw 2:30, 3, 4 to 5, then 6 and 8. Before 1ish I think I had also saw 12:30. I tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs, but woke up only to be super hot and have to reposition. The night before was also bad but I woke up with major pain in my hip. I realized with a friend how to describe it - its like my hip was being ripped apart. She has the same pain at 3 weeks ahead of me. Its the hip that I was not laying on too. I took a Tylenol. That was only the second one I have taken since being pregnant. I used to take Advil all the time (not daily) now look at me going 6 months will no pain killers. Tony would be proud.*

*Tony refuses to take any pain medications because he thinks you just need to drink water. BUT other medications are ok. Just not ones that will make his headache go away. The first time was last week when I thought my hip wouldn't last the night.

I also think I like my now pregnant body almost more then my non pregnant body (minus my boob size). Not sure how I will feel next month or the month after that.. but now I like it and I feel pretty. I have enjoyed the majority of my pregnancy also. I know that so many people have a hard time getting pregnant and I feel so lucky that I have had no complications with anything so far. I am so thankful for that. I am also thankful that I have a supporting family and husband. I cant imagine what it would be like to be preparing for a baby without that support. I am thankful that I have/know other pregnant woman and friends who I can talk to or ask questions too. Of course I am happy to talk to my other friends too, I just don't know how much I am boring you. I am also thankful to have my Mom and Mother-in-law be so excited for their first grandchild. (Dads too) Also Missy (my sister in law) is trying way too hard to be the favorite Aunt. She is the only Aunt and will be the only aunt for a while I believe. Josh is not engaged and Hunter is only 13 so he better be at least 10 years away. ok maybe 9. BUT NO SOONER! OK.. maybe more later.


Deanna said...

The 6 and 7th month of pg was always my fav. :) Sounds like things are going well. There are lots of things I miss, but not enough to do it a 5th time! ;)

Crystal Corona said...

I have been reading a book and they hardly go into moms with 4 kids. Only two of the three authors have two kids and the last has three. They tell of how crazy things get with the second and I just cant imagine how it is for you with four! How do you do it?

Deanna said...

It's simply called survival. lol Sometimes I think I want another, but think better of it eventually. Kinda still hard knowing once Maressa gets big, no more babies and cute funny toddlers. Besides Irene would disown us if we had another. lol

Crystal Corona said...

hhaha! She doesn't want anymore grandkids!? I think my parents missed that when Josh hit 9.. then decided to try for a baby and we have Hunter. He is no longer a baby at 13.. but I still think of him as the baby of the family.

Micki said...

It is so refreshing to read about a Mom who is embracing her body and enjoying her pregnancy.

Good read. Thanks :)