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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Pain

I have this ripping/tearing/burning/bruised/numb feeling in my upper stomach. Its right below my breasts in the middle. Any other of my female friends had this feeling? Oh my gosh it hurts. I tired to look it up and found some things that described it in different way but not many that told how to make it feel better. The only help I got was to walk around while drinking tea and rubbing the area. I am sure its because of my pregnancy and imagine it is the stretching doing it. It burns. It has been hurting me all day today. I took a tylenol but I dont know what else to do. Please help. Its not unbearable and child birth and many other things are much much worse I know.. its just not very nice. I first thought of it as a stretching feeling now with all these other feelings that also describe it, it seems to be worse!


raschel said...

hmm...i didn't have the exact pain you're talking about. but i'd imagine it's ligaments and stomach muscles stretching...or the baby could be sitting on a nerve. maybe try rubbing on your belly to see if he'll move around. and be careful about "over doing it" (i'm sure you are)...maybe your body just needs to rest today? good luck!

Deanna said...

it could be braxton hicks. if it is the best thing to do is sit down or lay down and rest for a while. :)

Jessica said...

I had that same thing with Lucy. Its actually pressure being placed on your ribcage. The baby is taking up all the room and your rib cage is having to stretch. It hurts so bad. Mine was always worse sitting down. I found that if I stretched out it helped. If you have a yoga ball (and don't feel like you'll get unsteady and roll off!) you can arch your back over the ball and that feel much better. It helps to make the area for the baby a little bigger temporarily, and relieves the pressure.

ebrown05 said...

I had similar pain. Mine would only happen when I was sitting down. If I would sit up really straight, almost arching my back it would go away. My doctor said it could be that the baby is pushing your gall bladder into your ribs.
Just try to drink lots of water, relax, and stretch out.

Crystal Corona said...

THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH! I am so going to try the ball thing. Do you think its ok to do after 30 weeks? I have been scared to lay like that on my back since they freak you out about being on your back even though I sleep on my back. I notice it sitting and standing. According to the internet not everyone gets it, but with what it is I don't get why everyone wouldn't feel it!?! It really does almost feel like I got a tiny horrible sunburn right in that spot. I don't even want to touch it. It could be worse.