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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trips and whatnot

When I got pregnant I wanted to keep a log online of things that were happening to me with regards to the baby. Things like what crazy foods I wanted and how I felt about the alien inside me. I also just wanted to write updates as was the point of the blog in the first place. I am obviously bad about it. To update on a few things that have happened in the past few weeks.

I went to visit Josh in DC for his graduation. I got to see my mom and dad and brother Hunter also as well as my moms parents and my uncle Wayne. IT was great! I took a military flight over there. I have written a post on the process of that.. but I have not published it yet since my computer froze while I was writing it and I haven't looked back at it. That might happen soon.

Josh walking across the stage to get his masters

Josh and I after his first ceremony before the second

Josh and Mom, Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Delagardelle

His ticket with a view of the capital in the background

Tony and I took a trip to Seville and Malaga, Spain and Gibraltar to celebrate our two year anniversary/memorial day weekend.

Our first hour in Spain! Waiting for our luggage.

We went to a party this past weekend to celebrate and say good bye to friends who are leaving Germany or leaving their current jobs for new ones. We had it in the parking lot near the lake by our house. This sounds crazy, but its a large field with trees and grass and you can park your camper there too if you have one. So we just pulled out some chairs and our mini grills along with coolers of drinks and had a grand time.

Friday we will be having a sonogram along with finding that we have a healthy baby growing we also hope to find out the sex too. So wish us luck. I hear that babies can be trouble when it comes to this and unless we want to arrange for an off base sonogram and pay for a second sonogram this is our only shot at finding the sex out before birth.

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