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Friday, June 19, 2009

Dubai Day two

Day two in Dubai we went back to another hotel we had gone to the night before that was a maze of shops and restaurants. They had tons of things there including a nice view of the Burj Al Arab (the giant sail hotel aka the worlds only 7 star hotel). Going there I knew you had to have a reservation to see the hotel, however I thought you could make one at the hotel itself. Turns out you have to make it in advance. FYI. So we went to The Atlantis walked around and then went to the water park then on to the Mall of the Emirates. It is also cool like the Dubai Mall. It has indoor ski slopes and other snow sports. A games places with tons of video arcade games and bowling and lots of table games too. Also two food courts and a row of sit down restaurants too! Along with a few hundred shops. It was a long day that ended with a flat tire and we got back to the hotel around midnight only to repack and go to bed to leave the next morning.

A cool bunch of clocks inside the hotel mall
A video I recorded from a tv that shows The Palm. Its pretty cool.

Fish Tank in Atlantis Hotel
Tony in front of the glass. Its him I promise.

The Shark Tank! Tony is inside oh no! This was pretty cool

Their version of the Lazy River. It wasn't so lazy. Lots of waves and waterfalls

The Hotel in the background

Video I took of a boy riding the water slide that has a huge drop. You can hear Tony in the background saying "That kid is so fat" over and over again...

Video of us inside the Shark Tank!!! What a cool ride. You go down a dark spiral tunnel and are shot out into this tank then down into a small pool to exit.

Sunset off the Palm
The Ski Slopes inside the mall
The outfit we bought for Roman at H&M! So cute.
Tony's Man Dress
View of Dubai as we leave.

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