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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Our little baby BOY!!!!

nose and lips


Sucking Thumb. Face on left arm at bottom bent up to lips.

bottom of foot

pp between legs


Profile again


Allison said...

yay!!! so excited for you guys! you are going to love having a little boy :)

Rebecca said...

OMG Crystal and Tony - CONGRATS!!! I was so scared of being the mother of a boy but I absolutely love it! I am soooo excited for you guys. Squeeeee!!!! We must talk soon. I'll be able to offer all kinds of advice on boys now, haha!

YAY Baby Boy Corona!!!

Crystal Corona said...

YAY! MY two friends with boys!!!! I am very excited. However now I have a deep want to buy bows. I will be trying for that girl in the coming years. I hope that our boy will have a little sister to look out for. (If it was a girl I would be wanting to buy boy things)

raschel said...

YAY!! Isn't the sonogram awesome?! It makes it so real, doesn't it?! Have you felt him move yet? SO FUN. Have ya'll decided on a name? ...and you're right, no matter the sex, you're going to see the OPPOSITE clothes as so cute!! :) I do the same thing w/ Makena right now. I see so many ADORABLE boy clothes.

Crystal Corona said...

We have chosen a name. Its Roman. We need to decide for sure on the middle name. Anthony or Neal. They both sound good to me. Neal is Tonys middle name and I would like our children to have our middle names. Plus it also works for other ways. I love that I got to see him!!! AND I know the sex so I can stop saying it or he/she. I have felt him move, I think its only when he turns around because its a big movement. During the sonogram he was moving by kicking and moving his arms and I didnt feel a thing. I could hardly believe she was looking at a baby inside me.