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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Rocks

I am proud to be an American. Not that I am not reminded of that everyday my husband puts on his uniform but this past Tuesday was such a beautiful day. I don't care who you voted for or what you think of Obama.. but he has brought the country together in a way I have never in my life seen or thought was possible. He has made being the president a "cool" thing to do. Over the past 8 years Bush evolved into a person who was not overall seen as "cool".. not to say that the president is supposed to be cool -but Obama just is. However he is obviously respected.

The occasion was Historic on so many levels beyond the color of his skin. It was amazing to see the streets and the Mall in Washington D.C. knowing Obama is the reason they are all there. Over a million people flocked there not to witness it just to BE there when it happend. Only so many people could see it and according to CNN reporters of you saw the parade there was a slim chance that you also saw the inaguration. There are people of all races and of all religions looking forward to his presidency. It is amazing that he - son of an imigrant and a citizen - can be elected to the most powerful position on earth. He is the first generation for his fathers side to be born an american citizen and now he is the President of the United States of America! How amazing is that?! (random fact: I did learn from Wikipedia that he is related to Bush..) I teared up so many times when I saw all the people. It was amazing to think that all those people, even some I am sure who came from out of the country or who are not american citizens wanted to be there. I am so happy my brother Joshua got to experience it all first hand. (also jealous) I hope he took tons of pictures and will soon post them to facebook for all to see. I believe he was elected because he is going to make a change. I truly believe he will and already think he has made change. His speach told people to get off their butts and do something. I don't know if he has always been about that, but he is saying it now. He is prompting people to get out in their communities and make a difference. He and his family are what the country needs especially knowing the hard times that are ahead of the country. So many things to do for him. He has the eyes of the world on him and I think it is important for him to stress the fact that he cant do it alone.

I think the country got into the mess its in because of the I deserve the "American Dream" attitude. People bought what they couldnt afford.. or were "tricked" into it. STOP buying things you cant afford America! Not that I am a poster for it or anything.. but I am not hundreds or thousands of dollars in debt over my head! Happiness is something you have to work for its not given to you. You may deserve it, but you have to earn it. Anyone in any situation can find some joy in where they are. Find it and go from there. I am so excited to see what Obama brings to the country.

Before when Europeans asked where we were from saying we were americans would most likely lead to talk about Bush and that was not always plesant. I look forward to their responses to that same statement now because not only are the eyes on him I think their hearts are behind him. I heard a few horns honking on the night of the inaugaration here. (That happens often after big games and also weddings often here = for joyous events!)

Did anyone see the movie W.? I felt bad for Bush.. if thats how his life has been his whole life.. that sucks if his parents couldnt recognize his own accomlishments. He did mess up a lot but still. NO reason to BOO him at the inaguration. How rude.. that was just horrible. I dont care if what he did that was wrong or not. Shame on those people. He will live with his choices for the rest of his life, I dont think a booing is going to make it any worse for him.. it just made you look bad. Tisk Tisk.

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