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Thursday, February 5, 2009

humm.. Randomness...

So its late and I should be in bed..but it seems that I am back to my old sleeping "crazy person" pattern as a friend calls it. BOO!!! Staying up late to watch the Super Bowl was a bad idea. I have had horrible nights since Sunday! Tomorrow I hope to be busy, so maybe I will be sleepy around 10pm... That would be great! Oh wait.. its Friday.. The other night I actually think I feel asleep on the couch around 8.. soo of course my body was confused the rest of the night by waking up every hour to let me know the time. I cant nap (even if by chance I do get tired) or fall asleep too early or I dont get a full nights sleep. I think I am a person who needs no more then 7 hours of sleep.. but I tend to get over that and it just leads to never being tired at night. Even when I work out hard core.. not tired. OK.. so enough random nothings here. Cant wait to wake up and see Grey's!!! Wahoo.. This sling box is sooo cool! I think I have way too many shows being taped.. but its nice to have the choice to watch them. Its almost like living in the states again.
PS Might be back in September.. but most likely still going to be May 2010.


raschel said...

umm....i think it's time for an update!! :)

crystal corona said...

haha! I will work on that now then!