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Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

So I neglected the Blog for a while.. The trip is over and I am back home with Tony. The trip ended with me getting food poisoning from Taco Bell.. which I had been craving for about 2 weeks when the base we were at didn't have one. I was sick from 6 am till that night the day before I left to go home. I was in bed the entire day so sleeping that night wasn't that easy. More so since I had watched a show on people doing illegal things and getting put in jail in other countries. I was worried I would get stuck at the airport. I knew that in Korea we had to get a stamp to be in the country longer then a month and I hadn't done that for Japan so I was starting to worry that I would get questioned at the airport. So on top of having to get up so early at 3:30 am to catch my 4:47 train to the airport.. I wasn't that tired because I had slept all day and now I was worried about missing my flight due to being questioned! Sounds funny now.. but at the time I had to keep talking myself out of thinking it!!!

Tony picked me up from the airport with flowers and a cheese pretzel for me. It was the Monday of the week of Christmas. So we had a few days at home before the big holiday. We had wanted to do something but we ended up just staying home. It worked out better that way we got to call family and talk to everyone. We got lots of nice gifts from family and each other. So we had a wonderful second married Christmas together. Things were nice when I was still jet lagged I would be tired around 9:30 or 10 and be up on my own at 8! It was a little crazy since Tony was off he would be in bed and I was just waiting for him to get up. Now things are back to "normal" with me not being tired till late and having to force myself out of bed in the mornings.

Since I have been home we had Christmas, New Years, and this past weekend we had our first trip of 2009. We went and stayed at the military resort called Edelweiss. It was a very nice trip. We also walked through a gorge. It was cold cold cold. I will try to post pictures later. I have been bad at that on here. I am much better about posting pics on Facebook.



raschel said...

the airport thing would freak me out too!! i'd worry myself SICK over it! i'm assuming everything went ok?

crystal corona said...

Yes it did.. but with my train only getting in JUST under 2 hours I was freaked out.. then I forgot to mention I got in the "group" line.. and half way through (when the other line at tripled) I started to worry that they wouldn't help me when I got to the front because I was just me! My bag was over.. so I had to open it and move stuff around and take it out to carry on too!!! I was bright red.. lol