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Thursday, January 15, 2009


How do you figure out what you will make for diner? I use I love it. You can type in what you have and it will pull up recipes that use those ingredients. You can search and search.. its awesome. It can take up almost as much time as looking at other peoples pictures on facebook. You know you do it too.

The internet is amazing. Josh (my younger brother) just bought a slingbox for himself and he gave me the password to sign onto it. I can watch all 9999 channels my parents have - when he is not signed on. It is also awesome. A slingbox uses the internet to send the satlite tv you hook it up to to any computer there is also a small remote you can use too that shows up on the screen. Amazing technology. The only downside is that when we watch it its the middle of the night.. soo there is lots of infomercials.. and my mom has the child lock on so it blocks out shows like Family Guy and CSI. Other then that its great!

It snowed yesterday. The snow had started to met the day before and there was still some left on the yard. The patio had all melted and yesterday morning there was some freezing rain then by lunch I hadnt looked outside and was shocked when Tony came in to tell me it was snowing! IT was GIANT snow. The biggest snow flakes I have ever seen. I tried to take pictures of them.. but they just blended in with all the snow on the ground. I am way too random for blogging..

1 comment:

raschel said...

that's awesome about the website. i get bored making the same things over and over...