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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I miss my friends

OK soooo I have realized that this is the time in my life that everyone gets married and has babies. Why is it so weird still? I don't know. Even though I have been married 2 years in May and I totally love babies and know I want to have one too its so strange to me that other people get married and want to have kids to. I of course love them and want to play with them. I guess its even weirder that people are doing this while I am so far away from them. I think thats the hardest part of being away from my family and friends. I know that life goes on without me.. aging is one thing.. creating life and making a family is another! I have missed out on friends wedding and now another friend is pregnant and I will miss her shower and belly growing. Not that I have it all bad.. I am just saying - I miss things being so far away.. I just hope people miss me too.

Just to clarify.. you don't have to be making babies or getting married for me to miss you. I miss you even if you aren't doing all that....


Allison said...

thanks for the comment! i miss you too! and we really don't care what the baby is but i will be surprised if it is a girl!

love you!

lindseymichelle said...

hey i just became a blog follower! hope you're enjoying life in germany!