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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life in hotels so far

So I have been having a wonderful time. Its gone by SOOO FAST! Tony gets back to Germany from Bulgaria tomorrow and I am not there to greet him. :( So sad.. as you know I am in South Korea. I am about to start on my 3rd shoot tomorrow. Its almost 11:30 pm here but lucky for me I still don't have to leave for about 12 hours. Plenty of time yet for sleeping. We have shot a total of 10 days. We will shoot another 5 here that will make 15 days total and over half way done. I feel like I just got here but it has been 2 weeks now. The hotel we are at is "switching internet providers" since Oct 1. .. not sure why that takes so long. So I have to go in the lobby or outside this little coffee shop to access the internet. Sooo I am laying on the floor in the hallway.. At least I am no longer on skype. That is more embarrassing talking to your computer when everyone around you can hear you. At least its common here. There are about 10 other people who cant go one night without logging on somewhere. Well.. back to my travels so far. Well I am totally good with my roomate. I found out that even though I wasnt talking the entire time it is nice to have company. I told Tony that I have never been more bored today then the entire time I have spent married to Tony without a job. So I have proved that in my life having no job = no boredom.. having a job = bordom. Ok.. there are only a few people who will understand where that comes from.... If its not you.. just ignore me and go back to thinking housewives do nothing and are bored all the time.. I have no idea where this little rant has come from. honest.. Ok back on track again. I am beginging to see how easy it is to just write what you feel on these things.. no censorship...

OK well.... i like traveling. The bus trips have been nice.. I will take a fast train to the last location. It should be nice too. The bus drivers are crazy here.. i got motion sick again on my last trip. I had a flash back to being in the mountains in Cyprus.. alternating taking deep breaths and holding my breath so I would not get sick everywhere.. I think I am doing a pretty good job here. I like almost every hair and make up job I have done. The only thing I lack is the correct foundation for people. I did not provide the make up though. So there is only so much I can do about that. Unless i want to buy it.. and it has not been that big of a deal. I make it work. I am much more confident now then when I started doing this. I have done over 60 people with the company since Germany. So I feel good. Its the worst when you get someone who decided not to wash their hair.. or brush it.. in a week. I still make them look good. ok that's enough.. i am sure I am going to look at this later and wonder what the heck I was thinking..

I love the whole world.


PS I don't know who to vote for.. and i want to know really bad. Ignorance was bliss. Stupid politics. I am sure that sounds stupid.. but its how I feel. I KNOW I am not the only one.. I wish the press would stop kissing *B.O.s butt. (how the news referred to Obama today)

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