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Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Seoul, South Korea!

I am in South Korea! The city is right outside my window up and going.. just like me. I am so wide awake and its 10:30. That is not abnormal for my bed time to be much later, but today I traveled for almost 13 hours and have been up since yesterday morning.. thats 28 hours straight.. with a teeny tiny nap on the plane. Seriously less then 1 hour of solid sleep. Maybe another hour of suckey wake-up-every-few-minutes-sleep around that one hour. We are not staying on the base this time.. we are a few blocks from the gate. I am ready to start this business. So excited. The stores here have the coolest things!!! Its all new and fun to me. I feel like the luckiest person alive. :) Lets hope I get to sleep here soon...ALSOOOOO Tony bought his tickest to come visit in Tokyo! We are so lucky!!! This worked out perfect. I will have the week off when he is there and we will get to spend it all together. Couldnt be better.


Allison said...

yay!!! you have a blog! post pics soon! miss you.

Anonymous said...

Get some sleep! Have fun in Korea! We're missing yah in Germany! Hoping you're having fun! Don't have too much fun...but if you do, bring us some souvenirs!