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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thanks so much/Opps..

Just wanted to thank everyone who made posts on yesterdays fear list. A few of you emailed me your comments too and I appreciate that as well. It was surprising that from so many different moms you all seem very very insistent that there is no right way. From a mom of a college age young man to a mom of under a year old baby. I think that's great. I am glad to have people like you all to talk to. Its even better that some are family!

Last night I was making fajitas. I grabbed what I thought was Cumin to sprinkle a TON on the chicken and veggies in the pan.. then I smelled cinnamon. I had grabbed the wrong jar! When I realized it I yelled and Tony asked what was wrong.. I said nothing. Then later he came in to the kitchen and said that it smelled like cinnamon. I had to tell him what I did, but it didn't taste bad at all! I have actually added cinnamon on purpose another time but less half the amount I did last night! Try it, its not just me being pregnant, it really did taste good! SO good Tony ate left overs!!!!!!!!!!! Now its all gone and none left for me. Non to go bad either. So that's a good thing.

I think I want to make cookies. The best cookies EVER! They are chewy chocolate chip.

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