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Friday, September 25, 2009

Been a while....

So I haven't been that great at posting lately.

What have we been up to? Well Tony celebrated his 27th Birthday on Sept 8th and that weekend before we went to Belgium.  We stayed in Brugges and Brussels. We visted Ghent that is in between the two and Oostende on the coast. We visited the ATOM that was built for the word fair when Brussels held the event. We also went to Mini Europe. Its a park that has many of the major buildings and sites from around Europe.

Us in Ghent on the way to Brugges and Oostende

Oostend - It was WINDY and that is as close as we got to the ocean

In front of a canal in Brugges

 Cute little Ducks


Bell Tower
The arrow shows how many steps we climbed to the top of the tower above

Tony looking up in fear as I take a pic       
and walk down the narrow staircase.            

  Tony celebrating his Birthday with a Belgium Beer in Belgium!

We didn't make it to the market they have.. but this is a shot of some fruits at a small store.

These are the tickets to the brewery tour we went on.

At the end they got us this "free" beer. Tony got to drink both...

There is a photo of French macaroons! I LOVE THEM! I bought an entire box just because they didn't sell them one by one.

The table setting was our Fancy Indian Meal. It was very good.
This was our FIRST and Best waffle. It had freshly cut strawberries on it.

Night shot of the tower

A bar that was a hostel and they had "American pool tables" and very crazy silly posters..
I am going to post some more of our trip to Brussels!

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