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Friday, September 25, 2009


We spent the morning in Brugges going to a chocolate museum and climbing the stairs in the Bell tower then drove to Brussels a short distance away. First we went to Mini Europe then to the atom and on to our hotel to rest then out to eat!

The Atom that we went inside.

Head of the EU building.. we found the real one of this the next day!

 The square in Brussels that we would see later!

View of the park from inside the Atom
View of our tickets and out the window in the escalator 

Our names are on the TV!

 Our pretty Hotel room!
 Much prettier then the one in Brugges

This is the square we saw in mini! They were having a beer fest that we just missed buying coupons for!

Look at all the different kinds of beer.
A list of the beers that were sold

Right before we got here some woman had just flashed everyone.. glad we missed that!

Tony got a beer here right across from the Manneken Pis with the same name for the bar

Yumm my pizza was great! We decided to have a fast cheaper meal here. It was good minus the drunk homeless man who kept going by us. I don't think I have ever been scared of a drunk homeless person like this man. Even the other guys he was trying to hang out with didn't want him near them. I think he threw someones beer at them too.

Lucky we had eaten already because these restaurants all looked great! This street reminded me of Paris. I think Brugges was very German looking, but Brussels seems to think they are Parisian. They even speak French.

The next day we walked around some and then drove to Waterloo.

This lion was scared..

 Bad Lion!
Doesn't this just make you smile?

 Walking around. Miles of walking

The US embassy. They were closed since it was a  holiday... so we didn't get to go in. The one time we decided to go to the embassy we cant go in. 

Its Waterloo!

Look at all those stairs..

The Battle Site

The giant panorama painting with sound to make it real..

Its a SUNSET, look the sun is going down!!!! We don't see these often..

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