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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mango, Peas, and Pears Please.

Roman on July 5th in the pool with his ducky

Same day
Roman eating the beets my mom made for him - Or not eating

He looks like he just killed something.. and put on lipstick.
I was laughing so hard when i took this because it really looked like he had on lipstick!

I love reading posts but I just hardly have much to say and plus sometimes I don't feel like anyone reads my blog. I know you do.. Since you are right now. BUT sometimes I don't know who YOU are. I will admit that sometimes I don't read a post if there are no photos. SOO I posted photos. :) Just for those like me.
Leave some love.

Well this post might not interest many but I made a second attempt at making foods for Roman.
To backtrack - So far I have pureed and froze (Organic) Carrots, sweet potatoes, and pears. All in individual little cubes. I was so excited because he had liked the sweet potatoes and carrots that I got at the store at that point and when I was making him the pears I let him taste it in his mesh teether and he LOVED them. But he seems to hate my food. I think its not as smooth as the jars. I had to mix it with jars to get him to eat most of it. Sometimes he ate mine alone, not its still not gone. I decided to buy jars in an effort to get him to eat more things and see what he likes because at almost 8 months he had had like 5 things. I tried to start him on Veggies. I think he had bananas, then avocados, sweet potatoes - Maybe? Did I post about this already? Why did I not write this down? OK well. He hates veggies now. He has had a handful of others now and its official that he does not like any and all veggies unless they are mixed with fruits and preferably pears. He LOVES pears. I think tonight he ate so many that he was stuffed and not happy. He also likes bananas but I found out they are binding we are trying to be unbinding so I am limiting his banana intake now. Poor little guy was having troubles with his output.

I recently found a new prodcut at BabiesRUS. Its food pouches. They have mixed fruits and veggies in fun combos. Like "sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, and blueberries" or "Broccoli, pears, and peas". The two companies are Ella's Kitchen and Plum Organics. They have many combos and I was told by two people in the isle that their kids LOVE them. SOO i had to try them for Roman. He of course loves them and he can suck on them like a little juice pack with a giant straw. Or you can squeeze it right into his mouth or onto a spoon. We love them they are so easy to use! PLUS I think I can upcycle Ella's Kitchen. See Terracycle for more info on upcycling. Get paid to save the earth! I think I might do a post on them. !?

Why am I talking about them when I am supposed to be talking about homemade foods? Because they inspired me to make my own veggie/fruit mix. I came up with drum roll.......... Mango, Peas, and Pears of course - Hint hint! Let me tell you I am so proud they tasted good! I did about 1 cup peas and used one small pear and one mango. I choose not to peal the pear since he should be able to digest them at his age easily (according to the internet). I used ice cube trays for the first half then had the brilliant idea of freezing them in my extra Medela bags. BRILLIANT Idea. Since the peal did not puree very well I decided to strain it in a pasta strainer to get some of the larger pieces out. I put them in the bags and was able to see how much it was. Since its in a larger portion for him now I plan to just take out the bag and thaw in the fridge or in warm water then serve! The cubes also were getting freezer burn in the bag and I hope this will prevent it. I plan to make something with apples, broccoli, carrots, blueberries and I think blackberries. Whats the difference with Yams and Sweet potatoes I have those to use too? I know people have different thoughts on berries, but he has had strawberries and raspberries with no reaction so as long as the internet doesn't freak me out I plan to use those soon too.

Roman liked it tonight, but I gave him the unstained version so I did have some food spit back out, but he ate most of it with some added pears and some bites he ate just fine with no added pears! (I have a ton of Organic Pears since it was the special of the day at BabiesRUs - 3.60 for 12 jars!) I think I will for sure make this again and maybe just use mango and pear? Or Peach instead? The possibilities are endless! Wish me luck!


raschel said...

I always forget to comment b/c i normally read on google reader...but i DO read! I'll try to be better about commenting! :)

I started Makena on veggies for that exact reason! (I heard they'll love the taste of fruits b/c they're sweet)...but there are also different theories behind it! Don't worry, he'll go through phases i'm sure!

Girl! More power to you! I don't have the energy or motivation to prepare baby food!! It's a lot of work, espeically when I can buy them at walmart for less than $.50 a can! :) I think at about 9 or 10 months i might have started adding type 2 or 3 (or whatever it's called when there are TINY chunks in them)...i can't believe he's alaready 8 months!! (And, it was just trial and error, seeing if she gagged/was able to swallow).

I forgot about the "berry" thing. I bet if you or Tony don't have food allergies, Roman is probably safe! (All though, Makena had reflux, and sometimes really citrus-sy foods would really irritate that!) But as far as a "reaction"...I wouldn't worry too's just trial and error. :-/

OH! And, and, if you have "clogging issues" again...PRUNES work wonders!! (And so does apple juice). (And, Makena HATED bananas out of the jar, but LOVED the "real thing"...and still does, and I STILL have to limit them!!)

Lindsey said...

Wow! Go you! I haven't made any combinations yet. I guess I'm too chicken. So far I've made all Adeline's foods except I buy some applesauce to use if I happen to run out of homemade stuff before I can get to the store. I also give her store-bought snacky things. She loves to feed herself. The only things she hasn't liked are mangoes, plums, & white potatoes. Maybe I should try some mixtures!

The Kimbells said...

I am glad you are getting the hang of making Roman's food! It is a lot of fun once they start enjoying your food. A good veggie for him to try is the sweet potato, Vivi LOVES them because they kind of taste like fruit. I also found when i was making the purees that it was easier to make each food individually in the cubes and then mix them together when you are defrosting them. Blueberries are another good fruit to mix with the veggies. For the things that Vivi didn't love i would add the fruit and then slowly start reducing the amount so she would get used to the taste of the veggie. Seemed to work well, but I am pretty lucky as she is not a picky eater at all! I love the new pictures of him, he is so sweet!

Crystal Corona said...

Thanks Moms! I forgot to mention Sweet Potatoes! I should really make the list of the foods he has had. Its a strange thing to think about all the "firsts" he has to come in food! There are SO MANY FOODS. He doesn't so much like to feed himself. Why would he start doing that when I did it just fine all this time?! He will sometimes grab the spoon or puff, but for the most part he will lean into it if I try to get him to grab it. Pretty funny. He liked the sweet potatoes but then he started to like fruits. I will make the craziest mixtures for him. I always try them to make sure the taste isn't just horrible.

Micki said...

Good for you! I want to make my own baby food too. It sounds like you're doing the right thing by mixing and just being persistent. Enjoy it! ;o)

Amber said...

sounds like you have been busy. I did the same thing with Kaley and veggies and now she prefers veggies over fruits. Her favorite is banana and I cant give her very much of that for the same reason.

I have been bad about blogging this summer. Hopefully I will get more motivated soon.

Lindsey said...

Yes, we've mixed a couple things. We've mixed nectarines & pears, and also plums & apples. She has loved both! I would love to get together soon.

Crystal Corona said...

Thanks for all the comments!!! :) I LOVE realizing there are more.