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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!!

I Hope everyone had a great 4th of July Weekend! Fireworks for anyone??! The rain has kept us from wanting to venture out to see any. We spent yesterday at my parents house with the coronas too. IT was an surprise birthday party for me. The earliest I have ever officially celebrated, but not the earliest I have started! Its my birthday month, right?! Missy made me a tree hugger cake. It was so cute and perfect for me.

Today we plan to spend the afternoon at Tony's Aunt and Uncle. My parents might stop by too for a bit. I plan on swimming rain or shine and it looks like shine! I know Roman is excited about getting in the pool too.

Roman turned 8 months old yesterday and he is doing so many things. I uploaded all the videos from the past 4 months from our computer and got to relive it all again. From our last days in our house there to the hotel to all our trips. He started to push up and roll over all the time, then he started to pull himself on the floor, then he ate his first solid foods, He started to officially crawl, Pull up to standing, Sit on his heels, sit up alone, go from crawling to sitting and vise versa, eat more big people foods. He also has been saying momma and sometimes dadda, he clicks his tongue and mouth making all kinds of sounds. He has also been sleeping all night long- That is a BIG one, I think it took him 7 months longer then all other babies we know. We are still nursing too. I have made him food too but he doesn't like my consistency I guess (I watered it down too), so I have been mixing it with cans till he will eat it more. He LOVES pears and raspberries. That is the only food he will eat the entire jar/container of. We are on 4 now. He hasn't eaten that much of anything else.

The following are a few pics I snapped in my parents backyard last.

Pulling up to stand

So cute

My mom helps him smile

"where did that kitty go?"

"now you see mom.."

"this is why I need.."

lounging baby

What a big boy!!!

The chair is from Iowa ;)


Micki said...

Love that chair!! He's a cutie.

Crystal Corona said...

Thanks Micki!!! :)

Laughing Amersons said...

He is SOOOOO handsome! It looks like yall are having lots of fun!