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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roman update!

Roman is 7.5 months old now. He is sitting up all by himself and he also has started to crawl for real! He was moving around in a weird way that was half army crawl and half face planting. He likes to go from crawl to sit too. His crawl is still slow. I am sure he will just get faster and faster as the days go by. He likes to pick his arms all the way up in the air as he moves along. He loves dogs and he has been trying to eat real food. He has had sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, apple sauce, pears, and, rice cereal. I have bought some peas, spinach and potatoes, and carrots for him to try next. I wanted to make his foods but its just not the right time. I made the banana and avocados and he has also tries small pieces of peaches and cantaloupe. He is getting so big so fast. He learns things so fast too. He is a pretty easy baby as long as you doing things! He can entertain himself ok, but he doesn't ever want to do that when I need him to.

We went to San Diego the first part of the month and it was a great trip! I lost my camera at the zoo, but luckily it can be replaced and I only lost 2 days of pictures. Other then that the trip was great and the weather was crazy. I was cold in the morning and nights and soo hot during the day, but it was cool and foggy by the coast. We went swimming this week too and we used his new floaty and its so awesome. I highly recommend it! It has two blow up tubes that have a mesh in between and as the seat and also a canopy on top to keep the sun off. He even kicked a little too!

I will work on getting videos and pictures posted. My computer is full so I have to clear up some space soon.

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