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Friday, February 19, 2010

First Family Trip on a plane!

We took our first trip just the three of us overnight in another country this past weekend. We went to Mallorca and island that is part of Spain. We stayed in the town called Palma. We left from Hahn airport here in Germany and took the over 2 hour flight with Roman. It was his first time in an airplane. He did pretty good. He also slept in his first and second crib and saw the ocean and a beach. He rode in his first taxi and bus too!

My Valentines Rose from Tony

Roman wanted to be in the carrier the wrong way.
This is the only way he was happy

He was napping while we went to the Arab Baths.
I had to cover his face to get him to shut his eyes.

Family Photo with the city behind us

This place was wonderful. We left another place before we found this restaurant.
They were soooo awesome. She brought be a pillow and even suggested
this table so Roman could be next to me. Our meals were great too.

He got to surf the rail of the moving walkway.
We had a great trip. The weather was not as cold as here in Germany. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but we only saw rain right before we left.

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

How'd he do on the plane? I'm thinking about taking Adeline on a short plane ride in a couple weeks. Did you nurse him during the ascent & descent so his ears wouldn't pop? I need some pointers! Thanks.