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Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 weeks old

Roman turned 3 weeks old on Tuesday! I can't believe it. Four weeks ago you were in my tummy and my mom was here telling you to come out every chance she got. I was fine waiting till you were ready. And you were ready on November 3rd.

The time we have spent with you so far has been full of learning and fun. Of course its also been spent changing dirty diapers, getting peed and pooped on, trying to get you to stop crying and not sleeping too. You are so interesting for being so young. You make so many different sounds. We have started to name some of them. One which you make most often in your car seat is the Dieing cat sound or as mommy calls it the "dead cat" to which Daddy pointed out that if the cat were dead it would make no sound. Still it's horrible and I like to say the one I made up. The other which is sooo cute is your little squeaky sound. Its one you make when you are just waking up or trying to get our attention, but your not as pissed off as the dead cat.

We have started to call you a few names too. Daddy calls you Romy sometimes. Which is funny because mommy wanted to call you that too and when she thought of it when we first picked your name she didn't want to tell Daddy about Romy because she was afraid he would ban that nick name. Turns out he likes it. (I do think of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion) He also calls you stinky. I DO NOT APPROVE of that name. Daddy smells like crazy. I swear he took my pregnant nose. He can smell when you pee! Also your vitamins that we give you smell too. Then of course there is the spit up too. I don't think your poopy diapers smell that bad, but Dad can smell those too. I also call you Peanut and Pea. For some reason Tony doesn't like peanut. You are not a tiny baby though you are completely in the middle. Your not huge and your not small. Your perfect. You are gaining weight fast. You had to go to the doctor on your 3 week birthday. You had some green goop coming out of your eye and lucky us we made an appointment that day. Then it went away by the time we got there. Turns out your little tear ducts could be causing the problem. So we will just keep an eye on them.

You have already spent your first night in a hotel. You did pretty good. You slept in your stroller bassinet. Its been great for you to sleep in. We have taken many pictures and look forward to all the memories we have yet to make.

We Love You Roman
Your Mommy

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