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Sunday, May 3, 2009

We have a bun in the oven

Since like 2 people read this one of you might know I am pregnant. I am 14 weeks and 1 day. Since that's so long you might wonder why I haven't yet put it up on the world wide web. You say there is nothing on facebook either, why have you waited? I am freaked out about putting it on here. I am scared for some reason that putting it up here makes it too real. We haven't kept it from anyone we have seen recently. Maybe if I saw you and I didn't bring it up it was because there wasn't a good time to say and I was told I am not good at the big reveal. I will fill you in on what happened since I found out.. or right before I found out.

Ok so first of all we were trying, this isnt something I am suprised about nor do I feel my life is over. I feel like we will still be able to travel some... maybe not for the first few months until the baby gets its cute little passport, but we can still drive around Germany. If you are a parents you might be laughing at my boldness. However I am saying that I dont think that having a child is going to ruin my life. It will change it forever though. We are looking forward to the challenge of parenthood.

I am very excited that I have a little baby growing inside me. Its also VERY creepy. Its scarey that so many things have changed in my body in the past 14 weeks.
Here is a helpful website that shows the baby changes.
Tony was gone in the field and I found out 2 days after he left! He was going to be gone for 2 weeks. So I was not about to tell him on the phone. I then had to think of a cute creative way to tell him. He had given me a sewing machine for Christmas that I had yet to use. It has been a while and I was intimidated by it. So I figured I could tell him I had been working on "making" him something. See it works for the bag and the baby! I am so clever. So I made him a bag he could carry things in at the store (so he doesnt waist plastic bags). When he opened it he looked inside the bag right away. Later to tell me that this bag looked store bought. Inside the bag I had some Tiny 0 - 3 month unisex socks. They were so tiny! He knew right when he saw them because he looked up at me and said with a smile "are you serious?" I said "uhhumm" with a nod and then he said "this isn't a present for me its for both of us!" It was so cute. So he had to wait that whole time while sleeping in a tent in rain, sleet, and snow! I felt so bad not telling him, but I am glad I got to see him and record his response to the big news and I think he forgave me.

So when Tony was in the field is when I first found out he left on Feb 26. I expected that I was and I my friend Mindy who was already 3 weeks pregnant brought over a left over pregnancy test that I took on Saturday the 28th. Then I called the Dr on Monday and had to go in to take a serum test AKA BLOOD TEST. I guess its my first of many as a pregnant woman. However I argued with the nurse on the phone that my friend who was pregant just had a urine test done to confirm her pregnancy. She said that "A serum is more accurate" I am thinking if the stick from the store said I was pregnant with my pee why would your test not?! Ok fine I will get my blood TAKEN if you insist. It was fast and less painful then I remember. So I was approved as a pregnant person and allowed to schedule my first apt. That apt consists of a bunch of paperwork and then reviewing said paperwork. Nothing else. Lucky for Tony he got to attend the first appointment where we saw and heard the little heart beat!!! This was on March 27th right before we headed off to the states to see our family and friends!! It was crazy. They had to do the ultra sound vaginally. Which is what it sounds like. They stick this little wand up you and you get to see the inside of your uterus and I also saw my fallopian tubes too. I guess they were doing fine. The heart beat was very fast about 180 bpm I think. Its on the ultra sound photo.. I should go look. later. So that is the only apts that I have had so far! I have another one this Tuesday. Tony should be able to go to it too.

I was had crazy nausea like I had never in my life. It was horrible, I couldn't move or do any normal activities like sitting up or walking. I don't know how people live a normal life especially since that is the time you are supposed to be not telling people! Plus I got sick. So Tony is trying to tell me that I should go work out and that will make it better and I am thinking he wouldn't say that if he knew. I did not take his advice and I tried to act like the sound of all the noise in the background wasnt making my head hurt. Luckily or unluckily for me I never got sick those first few weeks. The only time I actually lost my stomach contents was on the air plane ride to texas when I was technically 9 weeks pregnant. I don't blame it all on the baby. The plane was about to fall apart from the horrible turbulence and I hadn't eatten anything in about 4 hours. I even tried to eat a pretzel that I had brought with me right before I had to grab the white airsick bag. blah. It was gross. ok enough said. Ok then I got sick when I got back home from being in Dallas for 3 weeks. So that puts me at 12.5 weeks! Almost 13 weeks is when you are no longer supposed to be getting sick, and I start. That night also I am not sure the babys fault because there was no warning or nausea. I just had to get rid of my meal right then. I was fine, never even felt sick. I did get these TINY little red pin sized dots all around my eyes from straining. I also looked sick because of it. It took a few days to go away and it was creepy. Then just this past Thursday and Today I dry heaved in the morning. That was the baby. Tony happend to be here for both times and he was very concerned about me and wondered if I needed to go to the Dr. Thursday my friend Mindy was moving away from Germany. I was meeting her at the Ramstein Air Terminal to say bye. Then same thing this morning before I had a chance to eat anything I didnt feel very well and then I got sick. After I was sick it was all better. I have had normal days with no nausea at all. The nausea was returning also in week 12 and that started my worry. I am sorry if you are bored with all this talk of me vomiting. I will talk about something else now.

My boobs were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sore. I have never had "breast tenderness" during my time of the month so I had never felt anything like this. Maybe when they first started to grow but I dont remember. I swear my boobs just poped up one day. I remember being so flat in 6th grade, then all of a sudden I have boobs. Where did these come from? NOW they are getting bigger.. and I hate it. All I hope for is that after the baby and breast feeding (God willing) they go down a cup size or so. It happens. That is gone now, but I do fear the last month or so when they swell up even larger in preperation for the baby. I dont understand why the milk glands cant find space in the size they are now. Why do they have to get larger?

I already can't sleep on my stomach even though you cant tell I am pregnant and I have no bumb. The baby is already 3 inches in size so i guess thats a large enough area inside me where when I lay flat on my stomach it feels like I am on top of a little nerf ball that is pushing my gut in. So I have to sleep with one leg up. Which Tony likes to call me sticking my knee up his butt. However from my point of view he sleeps too close to me and in our queen size bed I should be able to sleep like that and not touch him if he stays on his side of the bed. He will tell you that I am in the middle but this is not true. There might be times I am in the middle, but I swear when my leg is up I try not to knee him in the butt and he will back into my leg often. I have to ask the Dr. at what point is sleeping on your back not ok? I hear that doing so cuts off oxygen to the baby!!!! WHat the heck!? So I have never slept on my back before so I didn't think I had to worry about that.. but now I find myself waking up on my back and I am thinking what the heck am I doing here? I think the uterus is too small to cut off oxygen.. but I dont know! I will find out soon.

What else.. oh telling people I am pregnant but having to say that I am not showing its just fat. I hate this part when you are not showing and I am not super skinny. My normal stomach might have been changing slightly but I have not been taking pictures of it to show progress. I wish I was so then I wouldn't feel like I am getting fat.. its just the baby. I think it will be a few more weeks until I have a real baby bumb. Can't wait.

I have to pee all the time. Thats another thing that I didn't realize happened so soon. Your body is getting ride of tons of toxins for you and the baby in the very begining since so much is happening. So you have to pee ALOT. Plus I started to become aware of the amount of water I was drinking and was trying to drink more. I have had a few nights of sleeping the entire night, but in the begining it was peeing everynight 4 hours into the night. Now its about 3 or 4 times a week. I just learned recently I can look forward to times when I am not able to empty my bladder when the baby is sitting on it.

Smells.. Oh gosh. This was a crazy one. It goes along with the neasea too. Some smells at first made me feel so sick. I am not used to not wanting food. So the idea of not wanting certain foods that I normally like is slightly frusterating. I was not about to test myself and eat them though. Another thing is having super nose. I could smell so much. Its crazy.

There are some more things but maybe I will post more tomorrow.


raschel said...

yay!!! Congrats! my boobs hurt like crap too at the beginning and i was afraid they'd grow a whole lot more at the end and after she was born, and luckily it didn't least not enough to have to buy ANOTHER bra. Good luck! that's so exciting! you're going to love it! does citizenship work? (i know that's a naive question...) but, if the baby is born in germany, is it a german citizen? or since ya'll are there on military duty, american? how much longer will ya'll be there?

crystal corona said...

The baby doesn't get the privilege of dual citizenship! :). Since we are Military they just pretend we aren't even in Germany. I think its the same even if the baby were born in a German hospital. We will be on Landstuhl. A very LARGE military hospital where there are tons of people. We will be here another year (may 2010 is when Tony is done - unless he decides to stay in). We are very very excited!!!