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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dont make that face at me!

Ok so yesterday I went to work out with my friend. (turns out it was during my apt that I thought was today. The lady told me Tuesday then scheduled me for Monday. I was very upset this morning. Then the thrift store was closed and to make it worse Tony had already left work to come to the apt. So I cried. Tony doesn't deal well with me crying. Back to the story about yesterday.

We were on the elliptical and I saw a girl who I took a spin class with a few months ago. Before I found out I was pregnant I started going to a later class then I found out and was sick all in the same week. I didnt go that week then I just didn't make time for it before Texas and was gone for 3 weeks and I have not been back yet. I have to have my BMP at lower then 150 and I wasn't sure I could guess right and I was worried about the baby in the beginning stages.

SOOOOO after I told her I was pregnant and I was on vacation for a while. She said "Oh good I am glad you said that" Then she made this face. Well I should have said.. that's not nice. I think I just made a face and said "really?" Like did you really just say that to me - but the face was a hurt face not a pissed off I am going to kick your ass face?!? After she walked off my friend told me she wanted to hit her for saying that. Did this happen to anyone else? The denial that you are starting to show? Its an odd stage since they tell you there is a certain time when you show meaning bump. BUT how does it go from flat no baby to the BUMB with baby! There is the stage in between that I don't like. Since I just look like my stomach is sticking out farther but there is no bump its misleading. I guess from looking at enough of my friends posted pregnancy pictures I am starting to "show", but it doesn't look like a baby. I took a pic of myself and could see the slight slope in my stomach where it used to be flatter when I stood up straight. I can feel a bubble too when I move a certain way or stand up I feel it. Its creepy that its just going to get bigger. The baby is supposed to be the size of a lemon a 3.5 inch lemon and a few ounces

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Yay I found your blog now!!! Love this post. People are so crazy with the things they do, most of the time they don't even know it! haha Don't pay a bit of attention to anyone unless they tell you how beautiful you look - because you do!!! Enjoy even the awkward stages of pregnancy and embrace it!