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Friday, May 8, 2009

My Baby Tummy

This is me 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Taken May 4th 2009. So this is pregnant me.. but if you notice its more of a front side angle.. so I actually look bigger/wider. However you can see the slope I was talking about now.. I will have to have Tony take my pictures like I should have been from the start. I just felt silly doing it but I think I should start before I have a huge bump and there are no progression pics.

Bag I made and put the socks in to tell ToNy he was going to be a daddy
(I dont know how to rotate)
First item we bought together - yes its a $10 white baby bib from TCU
These are the thickness of the socks
Baby Socks for Baby Corona - first item I bought him/her


Amber said...

Someone commented on facebook about your blog so I had to look. I have a blog too - the link is on facebook. You should definetely take pictures, I love looking back because I remember thinking I was so big around that time too. I look back now and think Not too big compared to now. It is fun!

crystal corona said...

haha! Well you were (will be again) so tiny!!!! I am sure that was crazy. I dont look that much different from normal.. it looks like I am just not sucking in! I will check out your blog!

crystal corona said...

I read your earlier post about wanting to show. I am there now. I just feel like I am gaining a few pounds and I want to go work out to make it stop... or eat more so it shows more! (but I try to hold back)