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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things I did/do in Germany

OK this is a list of things that I do in Germany.. but not necessarily things that you can't do in Texas/The good old U S of A.

1. I drive 100 miles an hour.. and sometimes I go 60 on the autobahn when there is no limit at all. (That is something I never do in Texas.. I always go at least 70 on the highway)

2. I used to be able to walk to the grocery store since it was only 5 minutes away and it was open till 10 pm! That is super late in Germany.. even the one on Base closes at 9. There is a brand new one opening up downtown Ktown soon and I cant wait to go to it. It has a moving walkway that is angled so you can take your cart to the upper level! RIght now I can walk to a bunch of restaurants coffee shop/bakery and a gas station.. I can also see most of them all right out my window.

3. I can go to H&M. I can even go to more then one in the SAME city.. sometimes you can see one from the other. Its just wrong I say.

4. I can fly back to the states (if I get a special form/letter) from the Ramstein Airbase to BWI (A real airport) on a real big plane for less then $30. Its amazing.

5. I use a drug phone. Also known as a pay by the minute phone.. the phone plans here are ridiculous!

6. I can fly and or drive to another country in less then an hour. (I dont think you can get to another state in less then an hour in Texas.)

7. I can go to very cool Christmas markets and drink hot red spiced wine (Gluwine)

8. Sunday is walk around or ride your bike day since EVERYTHING shopping is closed.. so you can always expect to see plenty of Germans out and about. You can do outdoorsy things.. like go to a ropes course, or the Japanese garden, or go get ice cream or food.. you just can't shop for anything. This of course means that the base is packed on sundays with people since us Americans aren't used to being forced to spending quality time with family one day a week.

9. I can say I dont have a job and feel slightly less judged by people.

10. I can call the states! You can call me too with our dallas based number that forwards thru the internet via skype and it also goes to our home phone and cells!.. want it just ask!

11. I watch American tv on my computer.. but since I am not in the states this becomes much harder to do since all the major networks don't allow me to view their videos. WHICH forces me to look for them on 'other' sites. I am an American Citizen I should be able to watch them with no guilt.
shows I miss watching on normal tv.
Samantha Who, Desperate Housewives, Grey's, So You Think You Can Dance, and How I Met Your Mother. I am sure I forgot one or two.

12. ONE of the BEST things I started doing here.. Using my own bags at the store. I started to do it BEFORE it was cool on base. Germans are way ahead of the cool curve by making people pay for bags long ago. So I wasnt cool there but when I shopped on base I got dirty looks from the baggers when I brought my own. It was as if they were saying "You know you are on base now? Not the economy, you dont have to pay for the plastic bags here." Yes I do know that.. I am trying to save the planet. What are you doing!?

Maybe I will update this later.. or just do another post. I need milk something else from the store.

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