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Sunday, March 22, 2009


We are going to Texas next saturday! Wahoo. I am so excited. I cant wait to go to about every restaurant with family and friends. One I am looking forward to very much is Kona Grill at North Park mall.. SUSHI! Cant wait. Oh people in the states have NO idea how lucky they are. Not that all the germans are malnutritioned from lack of food over here.. but they just dont have the variety like Dallas. Ohhh Dallas. I also want to go to Fuzzys in Fort Worth. Oh gosh.. can you tell I should eat soon? I also plan on buying a few things when I am home. I broke the zipper on my favorite pair of target jeans (I had two pair too and they both broke!).. so I need to replace them. At least they didnt break at the same time and I still have a few pairs that I like to wear. Those are just the best though. I also have a few ods and ends of things I cant get here. We are soo excited to see family!!! Tony leaves the same time as me but doesnt get in till about 4 hours later. :( Around 8 pm. Hope he is not dead tired when he gets off the plane!
This past weekend we went to visit a friend and his fiance who live about 3 hours away. We went out there and we watched Ireland win the triple crown cup.. Rosin his fiance is Irish and she was very excited since it hadnt happend in about 60 years. Then they grilled some food and lots of beer was drank. It was fun. She also made the best grilled cheese sandwich ever for a late night snack. We also went to a flea market both days. It was the same one but when we went yesterday it was closing up so we came back today to see more booths open. It was much windier today and made it colder. Still I found a very cool empty frame that is very decorative. I plan on spraying it black and hanging it somewhere in our house.. exciting I know. We also found some cool gifts for birthdays coming up! I am hungry.. maybe I will think of something more exciting to write about this week. Cant wait to start packing for WARMER weather!!!! Above 65 and some sun and I will be happy.

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