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Saturday, March 27, 2010

goodbye Germany

The time has come for us to leave Germany. It is bittersweet and very unreal. I have said farewell to new and old friends and it just doesn't feel like I might never get to see them again. My time here has gone so fast. I know I have written this before but I just can hardly believe its been almost 3 years. We have also not been home to Texas since last year too. We will be returning almost a year to the day! With our new family to start a new life. We have been staying in a hotel since Monday, when our movers took all the rest of our things and packed them up in those crates. So much has happened since I met Tony almost 5 years ago. July 20, 2005 we met and I knew he was special. I am so very thankful for my life. I have been able to travel more places in such a short time then most people can even hope to see in their life. This only makes me lucky to have had the experiences. I feel like its my duty to document everything in a photo. I love taking pictures. I always have. I was always annoying people to get them to smile for the camera. I have rolls and rolls of film prints to prove it. What ever would I have done without digital! Much cheaper for my hobby. We leave on Tuesday morning and I am almost positive I will shed a few tears. I remember the day we flew over here June 3, 2007 and arrived on the 4th. That day was crazy. Tony had booked my tickets under Corona to be sweet, although my passport still said Montross (*Until just this year). So we had some troubles at the ticket desk and he made it seem like I could not fly. I am pretty sure this is a huge deal, but he changed my name on the ticket. Then my carry on bag was too big and I had to rearrange it while trying to hold in the tears. It was such an emotional day!!! I hope our bags aren't too big this time! Tony thought we had 70 pounds and it turns out its 50. We have many more bags this time, plus a car seat and stroller. We still have to make sure they will all fit in our rental car.

I have a few pictures from our last days here

We needed to simplify... still do

Roman on the floor on moving day
Watching Tony

Last walk in our town

meeting and saying goodbye to Roisin and Pat

Camden and Roman Playdate

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