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Friday, March 5, 2010

4 Months old

Roman had his 4 month check up on the 4th. He is in the -
97 percentile in height at 26 *plus inches &
93rd in weight at 7.6 kg/16.76 lbs.

Roman on the day he turned 4 months old - March 3, 2010

In his "Toy" or "The Entertainer"
My cute little baby boy- He loves you -in sign language..

He went from here -
to here...
to here.

When I was taking pics he just kept turning and
moving around and ended up turned all around.
He has been crawling little bits too. No joke.

Still not sure what this means and why they tell me or why I am telling you. Because if he was a super small baby or an average baby, or a giant baby (as he is) what would I change? Maybe now at 4 months if he was small I might start to give him cereals, but I am still planning on nursing him past 6 months and since I was told today that he has eczema too. She got us some moisturizer to use 3 times a day and I am supposed to have a check up in three weeks. Right before we move. I don't think he was hurting at all from it and I can hardly tell where she said it was dry so I am surprised that she wants me to use it 3 times a day. On his forehead you can see but his legs you can't. Well Thats about it for me today.

*Because I drove and dropped off Tony and Roman to find a parking spot. I do not know the exact weight because Tony did not remember and they already did it when I walked in. I did not think to ask. My bad. So I know its over 26.

1 comment:

raschel said...

I can't believe he's already 4 months!!!! So sweet! Eczema is really common in babies...a lot of times they outgrow it! My little niece (Luke's sister's baby) has it pretty bad and hers changes depending on her environment!