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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walking because of the Cast

Roman took his first steps on October 3rd. He didn't seem that interested in doing it alone until the end of October when he fell while taking two steps to the couch and hurt his poor little arm. He didnt even fuss when it happened. He wouldn't put weight on it to crawl that night and would cry when he did. I was worried and kept an eye on it for the weekend. Sunday my mom found that his forearm was slightly swollen. So Monday I took him to Grandma Corona's work where they took an Xray and found he had a small fracture. The Dr. said we could put a cast on to protect his arm and to keep it from hurting him. So we did it.
I took some video of him getting the cast, and I am glad I did because I was behind him and could not see his face. Oh so cute. He was so good! He pulled on it at the start and at the end he was getting bored sitting there. He did so much better then I would have ever thought having it on too! He pretty much stopped crawling that day because it was not as easy to crawl with the cast. SO I can say with most certainty that he officially started to walk on Nov 1. AKA the day of the cast. It was off by Saturday.

The fractured bones.
I can't even see them in this photo.. thats how minor

We went to a park the same day and he seemed just fine!

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